Synonyms for Quell:


kill off, hold back, stamp out, silence, shut off, interfere with, suppress, stop, put down, squeeze out, cut into. dispose of, check, eliminate, replace, shed, reduce, eradicate, discard, dump, do away with, remove, throw away. quash, put the lid on, choke off. quell (noun)
quench, squelch, appease, stay.


annihilate (verb)
quash, eradicate.
appease (verb)
conciliate, lull, soften, tranquilize, placate, calm.
calm (verb)
assuage, placate, console, quiet, lull, cool, appease, calm, compose, tranquilize, still, allay, sedate, soothe, pacify.
change (verb)
squelch, quench.
compose (verb)
reconcile, suppress, console.
crush (verb)
dispose of, dump, defeat, squelch.
pacify (verb)
ease, conciliate, moderate, smooth, soften, reconcile, mollify, defuse, hush, ebb, relieve, stabilize.
quell (verb)
compose, quench, assuage, stamp out, silence, soothe, ease, mollify, check, pacify, vanquish, put the lid on, quiet, still, reduce, subdue, conquer, overcome, overpower, stop, crush, put down, appease, moderate, allay.

Other synonyms:

quash. crush
choke off.
Other relevant words:
dump, check, eradicate, put the lid on, quash, discard, eliminate, stay, shed, remove, suppress, quench, hold back, choke off, squelch, stamp out, silence, replace, reduce, stop.

Usage examples for quell

  1. Not an effort or a movement was made to quell the mob, during their assault upon the chapel. – The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus by American Anti-Slavery Society
  2. You alone can quell a tumult which has broken out, I don't know why, among the leaders. – The Chouans by Honore de Balzac