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innocent - 302 results
Other synonyms:

empty, nescient, sincere, virtuous, correct, harmless, right, oblivious, loose, youthful, innocuous, warm, blameless, unbiased, clear, ignorant, unobjectionable, rightful, unacquainted, unskilled, gratuitous, gentle, right, clear, lily-white, destitute, unsuspicious, benign, caring, unreserved, unstudied, wanting, costless, legally, novice, initiate, impoverished, inculpable, legitimate, safe, unpretentious, unenlightened, hurtless, impeccable, untrained, guileless, sinless, aw-shucks, unaware, irreproachable, complimentary, sinful, uninvolved, righteous, legit, illiterate, indigent, transparent, open, newcomer, clueless, perfect, true, lacking, lawful, truthful, necessitous, liberal, stainless, uneducated, guiltless, harmless, law, impeccant, warm-hearted, unsuspecting, spotless, impeccable, absolved, uninitiated, innoxious, incognizant, primitive, gratis, acquitted, frank, immaculate, sex, real, simpleminded, guilty, sinless, guiltless, barren, bleak, exculpated, proper, legitimacy, generous, childish, sensitive, nice, uncorrupted, learner, inexperienced, ethical, upright, genuine, dewy-eyed, free, licit, insensible, unqualified, current, beginner, unoffensive, tyro, naive, high-minded, honest, anodyne, blameless, full, good, help, devoid, corrupt, upright, kind, knowledge, apprentice, unworldly, unblamable, vindicated, unwitting, unprejudiced, void, needy, naif, righteous, straightforward, fair, legal, pure, the uninitiated, protege, workie, unfamiliar, moral, raw, fresh, unstained, culpable, just, innocuous, detached, tender, unimpeachable, green, inoffensive, reliable, impartial, unknowing, wholesome, natural, clean-handed, faultless, unwary, clean, inoffensive, wide-eyed, dewy, unmindful, uninformed, unaffected, cleanhanded, poverty-stricken, not guilty, upright, be unused to (doing) something, virtuous, angelical, exonerated, unpretending, untried, unconscious, inoffensive, cleared, desolate, young, ingenuous, inexperienced person, aboveboard, uncritical.

Examples of usage:

She thought of the days when she had still been innocent enough to wish she was Richard's wife. - "The Song of Songs", Hermann Sudermann.

I know her to be innocent! - "Cruel As The Grave", Mrs. Emma D. E. N. Southworth.

By Dhola Baksh, hazoor, I am innocent! - "The Bronze Bell", Louis Joseph Vance.

Similar words:

innocent iii, innocent of, innocents, innocents' day, holy innocents' day, innocence, innocense, innocently.

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