Synonyms for Innocent:


all (adjective)
angelic (adjective)
artless (adjective)
blameless (adjective)
licit, impeccant, safe, clean, spotless, untainted, virginal, irreproachable, unblemished, sinless, angelic, immaculate, uninvolved, righteous, inculpable, pure, not guilty, virtuous, unsullied, clear, guiltless, upright, chaste, legitimate, legal, unimpeachable, impeccable, faultless, stainless, good, lawful.
good (adjective)
green (adjective)
harmless, naive (adjective)
raw, childlike, artless, ingenuous, ignorant, innocuous, Hurtless, unstudied, youthful, unsophisticated, Unoffensive, inoffensive, unworldly, inexperienced, unfamiliar, simple, fresh.
ignorant (adjective)
unconscious, uneducated.
inculpable (adjective)
innocent (adjective)
blameless, white, chaste, untainted, untarnished, unspotted, snowy, unsophisticated, irreproachable, innocuous, spotless, angelic, guiltless, naive, pure-hearted, virginal, childlike, unblemished.
not guilty (adjective)
pure (adjective)
formative, uncluttered, Simon-pure, virtuous, prime, untainted, atomic, immaculate, sinless, basal, primary, irreducible, white, basic, undiluted, monolithic, simple, austere, primal, bare, clean, fundamental, unadulterated, indivisible, honorable, elemental, stainless, pure, essential, spotless, faultless, plain, stark, decent, untarnished, unsullied, clear, nascent, angelic, unblemished, elementary, undefiled, foundational, unalloyed, guiltless, aboriginal, chaste, blameless, purebred, unadorned.
simple (adjective)
bare, refined, austere, unsophisticated, uncomplicated, pure, direct, candid, bald, spare, crystalline, elementary, clear, childlike, plain, simple, unadulterated, chaste, artless, terse.


legally, current, legitimacy, rightful. kind, sensitive, tender, nice, gentle, good, natural, caring, generous, childish, fresh, Warm-hearted, warm. protege, learner, perfect, the uninitiated, novice, upright, initiate, corrupt, beginner, moral, impeccable, uncorrupted, tyro, sinful, unstained, wholesome, workie, righteous, apprentice, newcomer. uninitiated, be unused to (doing) something, illiterate, lily-white, untried, untrained, unskilled, uneducated, right, unqualified, angelical. correct, ethical, high-minded, just, unblamable, proper. law, lawful, legal, legitimate, legit, licit. inoffensive, help, Hurtless, Unoffensive. unaffected, unworldly, unstudied. unfamiliar, unwitting, unenlightened, knowledge, oblivious, unaware, unknowing, uninformed. lacking, wanting, full, void, empty. harmless (noun)
benign, safe, inoffensive.
inexperienced (noun)
raw, youthful, inexperienced, young, green.
innocent (noun)
acquitted, innocuous, clean-handed, harmless, inculpable, naive, ignorant, unconscious, exonerated, not guilty, absolved, inexperienced person, naif, unimpeachable, sinless, clear, vindicated, exculpated, guiltless, ingenuous, cleared, impeccant, irreproachable, virtuous, blameless.
not guilty (noun)
culpable, guilty, impeccable, reliable, upright, uninvolved.
youngster (noun)
minor, slip, toddler, urchin, kid, fledgling, juvenile, lad, sapling, sprout, newborn, stripling, girl, waif, child, baby, sprig, youngster, infant, boy, lass.

Other synonyms:

rightful, unblamable, current, legally, legit, Unoffensive, Hurtless, licit, legitimacy, unknowing, angelical. lily-white, safe, unfamiliar, lawful, uninformed, unwitting, unaware, unenlightened, moral, unstudied. natural, void, legitimate, oblivious, legal. lacking, unaffected. unworldly, wanting. empty, good. unused
Other relevant words:
newcomer, lawful, perfect, culpable, licit, apprentice, inexperienced, Warm-hearted, fresh, tyro, novice, inexperienced person, unworldly, legally, irreproachable, beginner, unqualified, green, protege, current, acquitted, legitimacy, exonerated, absolved, inoffensive, impeccable, unstained, empty, unskilled, unconscious, help, full, legal, angelical, youthful, unblamable, unimpeachable, uninvolved, unknowing, right, uninformed, unfamiliar, nice, not guilty, legit, benign, exculpated, unwitting, oblivious, rightful, generous, unstudied, untrained, warm, illiterate, reliable, gentle, high-minded, kind, uncorrupted, unaffected, caring, Hurtless, young, void, ingenuous, moral, righteous, upright, good, proper, learner, just, uneducated, wanting, childish, natural, correct, naif, cleared, guilty, impeccant, law, lacking, knowledge, wholesome, lily-white, safe, unenlightened, Unoffensive, tender, untried, workie, clean-handed, ethical, legitimate, unaware, raw, sensitive, vindicated, harmless, initiate, inculpable, uninitiated, sinful, ignorant.

Usage examples for innocent

  1. She thought of the days when she had still been innocent enough to wish she was Richard's wife. – The Song of Songs by Hermann Sudermann
  2. I know her to be innocent – Cruel As The Grave by Mrs. Emma D. E. N. Southworth
  3. By Dhola Baksh, hazoor, I am innocent – The Bronze Bell by Louis Joseph Vance