Synonyms for Acquisition:


agency, accretion, account, agent, affiliate, anchor, retrieval, big business, recovery, blue-chip, the biz, base, Procuring, winning. benefit, dividend, benefaction, allowance, accession, proceeds, donation, round up, belonging, gathering, find, profit, grant, expenditure, loss, inheritance, prize, booty, asset, penalty, fee, premium, income, award, gift. effort, wares, feat, goods, offering, merchandise, product, bundle, come-on, DO, loss leader, consumer goods. flashcard, exercise, exploratory, education, insight, assimilation, advanced, hothouse. acquisition (noun)
assumption, collection, accomplishment, acquirement, claim, attainment, skill, gain, procurement, purchase, annexation, catch, learning.
addition (noun)
addition, attainment, enlargement, increase, augmentation, increment, accumulation, expansion, accrual, aggregation.
capture (noun)
confiscation, arrest, capture, appropriation, seizure, apprehension, abduction, occupation.
discovery (noun)
determination, exposure, detection, breakthrough, revelation, deduction, unmasking, manifestation, apocalypse, disclosure, discovery, solution, espial, realization, unraveling, recognition, identification.
obtaining or receiving (noun)
recovery, attainment, retrieval, procurement, prize, possession, learning, winning, purchase, acquirement, accretion, gain, addition, Procuring, property.
obtainment (noun)
possession (noun)
possession, holding, effects, territory, wealth, kingdom, worth, property, empire, land, realm.
something obtained, received (noun)
premium, benefit, proceeds, income, grant, gift, donation, profit, inheritance, allowance, accomplishment, dividend, award, wealth, increment.

Other synonyms:

the biz, goods, product, consumer goods, hothouse, big business, affiliate, insight, loss leader, Procuring, education, flashcard, anchor, gathering, agency, offering, merchandise, come-on, find, exploratory, recovery, blue-chip. assimilation, retrieval, accession, profit, exercise, bundle. base, round up, advanced. account, feat. effort. Other relevant words:
base, proceeds, grant, insight, goods, product, skill, fee, allowance, education, award, exploratory, wares, benefit, assimilation, flashcard, account, penalty, booty, belonging, bundle, DO, profit, donation, anchor, accession, Procuring, expenditure, dividend, advanced, offering, recovery, agent, exercise, find, accretion, premium, affiliate, acquirement, effort, benefaction, hothouse, prize, winning, income, merchandise, inheritance, retrieval, gift, asset, feat, agency, accomplishment, learning, gathering.

Usage examples for acquisition

  1. But what with respect to the acquisition of wisdom? – Apology, Crito, and Phaedo of Socrates by Plato