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cupboard (noun)

commode, chest, buffet, drawer, bureau, dresser, davenport, lowboy, desk, highboy, safe, shelf, chest of drawers, escritoire, closet, kitchen cabinet, cabinet, chiffonnier, cupboard, locker.

table (noun)

desk, coffee table, table, kitchen table, dresser, bar, turntable, lamp stand, counter, console, bench, round, nightstand, dining table, workbench, captain's table, tea table, buffet.

Other synonyms:

tabulator, press, replication, return, hutch, parry, snack counter, counterpunch, rejoinder, snack bar, heel counter, comeback, riposte, retort.

Examples of usage:

Springing to the sideboard in the dining- room, she brought Aunt Milly a glass of wine, which revived her so much that she now felt willing to leave her. - "'Lena Rivers", Mary J. Holmes.

After a moment of reflection, she took a clean tumbler from the sideboard. - "Blind Love", Wilkie Collins.

She continued to linger in the room, apparently occupied in setting the various objects on the sideboard in order. - "Blind Love", Wilkie Collins.

Similar words:

sideboards, sideward, sidewards, sideburn, sidetrack.

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