Synonyms for Cash:


banknote. riches, cheque, bail, reimbursement, bounce, principal, chequebook, check stub, cashier's check, finances, check card, blank check, reserve, remuneration, pledge, supply, payment, checkbook, security, refund, Resources, savings, pay. moola, cabbage, green, mazuma, bread, lettuce, jack, gelt, brass, long green. assets (noun)
stock, assets, Resources, riches, reserve, security, savings, capital, principal, supply, bail, funds, payment, remuneration, pay, pledge, reimbursement, refund, treasure, wherewithal, wealth, finances.
bread (noun)
cash (noun)
cash in, hard cash, immediate payment, hard currency.
coin (noun)
currency (noun)
bread, dough, hard cash, currency, money, pounds, moolah.
metal money (noun)
money (noun)
purse, proceeds, wad, scratch, money order, income, bank note, pounds, bread, gross, capital, nugget, coupon, gold, check, ingot, bankroll, sterling, funds, issue, balance sheet, dough, currency, lucre, bullion, swag, draft, stock, pocket money, worth, note, treasure, profit, receipts, loot, bill, iou, dollar, wallet, spending money, net worth, wherewithal, fortune, greenback, wampum, money, wealth, promissory note, copper, petty cash, ways and means, coinage, change, silver, assets, moolah, bond.
money; assets (noun)
currency, reserve, bread, funds, riches, pledge, remuneration, note, security, refund, bullion, stock, cabbage, wampum, principal, wherewithal, Resources, payment, supply, treasure, coinage, dough, savings, banknote, scratch.
payment (noun)
possession (noun)
hard cash, hard currency.
wealth (noun)
wealth, long green.


exchange for real money (verb)
change, pay.
possession (verb)
cash in.

Other synonyms:

lettuce, moola, mazuma, banknote, cabbage, check stub, chequebook, checkbook, cashier's check, payment, check card, gelt, long green. blank check. brass. bounce, green. jack. Other relevant words:
hard cash, brass, hard currency, gelt, lettuce, jack, pay, green, savings, supply, bread, principal, long green, Resources, moola, remuneration, payment, refund, cash in, banknote, pledge, immediate payment, cabbage, riches, reserve, mazuma, security, finances.

Usage examples for cash

  1. There ain't much cash come into her hands for a good bit. – A Red Wallflower by Susan Warner
  2. If I do she'll sell everything, hand me the cash and tell me she's sorry to be such a burden. – His Family by Ernest Poole
  3. Who's the old trader that has lent this girl The glittering cash of pleasure to pay me with? – Emblems Of Love by Lascelles Abercrombie