Synonyms for Craziness:


mental illness, brainsickness, sane, psychopathy, disturbance, unbalance. ability, senselessness, zaniness. absurdity (noun)
baloney, implausibility, preposterousness, bizarreness, idiocy, meaninglessness, irrationality, Self-contradiction, balderdash, silliness, nonsense, anachronism, invalidity, inconsistency, foolishness, impossibility, folly, farce, incongruity, inanity, absurdity, paradox, contradiction, ludicrousness, eccentricity, outlandishness.
cognition (noun)
folly, foolishness, madness.
craziness (noun)
flakiness, daftness, foolishness, folly.
emotional disorder (noun)
mental illness.
falderal (noun)
foolishness (noun)
flakiness, Asininity, brainlessness, absurdity, stupidity, madness, goofiness, dottiness, silliness, insanity, idiocy, nuttiness, nonsense, zaniness, lunacy, senselessness, buffoonery.
imbecility (noun)
insanity (noun)
insanity, hysteria, mania, brain-sickness, hallucination, kookiness, dementia, nuttiness, mental illness, feverishness, lunacy, madness, frenzy, psychopathy, psychosis, brainsickness, battiness, neurosis, derangement, delirium.
psychopathy (noun)
ridiculousness (noun)
dubiousness, curiosity, incredibility, nonsensicality, outrageousness, ridiculousness, weirdness, grotesqueness.
state (noun)
flakiness, daftness.

Other synonyms:

psychopathy, mental illness, brainsickness, senselessness. zaniness. disturbance. Other relevant words:
disturbance, senselessness, psychopathy, daftness, zaniness, brainsickness, flakiness, mental illness, unbalance.

Usage examples for craziness

  1. Dost promise me I shall recover In this hodge- podge of craziness – Faust by Goethe
  2. I debated whether to inform Gootes of my discovery of her craziness and decided against it on the bare possibility it would be unwise to lower the value of my connection with the Metamorphizer's discoverer. – Greener Than You Think by Ward Moore
  3. Yet, it is insidiously objected, their craziness or their possessedness is at least their sin. – The Ego and His Own by Max Stirner