Synonyms for Advantage:


succeed, have the opportunity, be privileged. head start. interest. account, used, use. bulge, inside track, draw, over, better, jump. boot, stand someone in good stead, serve. advantage (noun)
vantage, reward.
attribute (noun)
vantage, reward.
benefit (noun)
favor, improvement, profit, gain, furtherance, bonus, promotion, progress, prosperity, benefit, success, good, boon, blessing.
benefit, favored position or circumstance (noun)
boon, dominance, leverage, good, odds, precedence, lead, ascendancy, aid, gain, power, break, eminence, preference, luck, interest, hold, edge, comfort, recognition, sanction, influence, favor, convenience, blessing, mastery, position, wealth, superiority, supremacy, protection, improvement, Resources, asset, upper hand, leeway, help, prestige, support, profit, choice.
good fortune (noun)
influence (noun)
prosperity (noun)
reward (noun)
supremacy (noun)
tennis (noun)
alley, the Davis Cup, ball girl, ace, ball boy, clay, break point, break.

Other synonyms:

comfort, consolation, head start, odds, virtue, privilege, inside track, incentive, bounty. convenience, sake, use, trump card. bulge. account. serve. drop. advantage
interest, edge.
good fortune
upper hand.
ball boy, ball girl, break, the Davis Cup, ace, break point.
Other relevant words:
behalf, edge, enjoyment, sway, position, merit, preference, convenience, use, protection, reward, jump, start, leeway, help, head start, interest, welfare, sanction, prestige, sake, support, power, odds, inside track, weal, stand someone in good stead, mastery, privilege, bulge, ascendancy, hold, leverage, purchase, better, serve, luck, virtue, upper hand, pull, consolation, aid, supremacy, benefit, drop, succeed, draw, break, bounty, choice, boot, Resources, lead, recognition, vantage, ace, asset, comfort, primacy, wealth, account, precedence, influence, eminence, superiority, dominance, prize, worth.

Usage examples for advantage

  1. You've the advantage of me. – The Complete Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  2. Turn this to your advantage – The Online World by Odd de Presno
  3. Besides, you will have the advantage of getting to work as early as you please in the morning. – Wilfrid Cumbermede by George MacDonald