Synonyms for Potpourri:


bleach, dishwashing liquid, cleaner, foam, air freshener, disinfectant, abrasive, borax, French Polish, cleanser. mishmash, patchwork, hodgepodge, combo, Gallimaufry, grab bag, collect, jumble, Olio. broth (noun)
combination (noun)
difference (noun)
medley (noun)
miscellany (noun)
motley, Olio, stew, mixed bag, medley, pastiche, blend, salmagundi, mixture, combination, assortment, combo, patchwork, Gallimaufry, hodgepodge, mishmash.
mixed bag (noun)
mixed bag.
mixture (noun)
elixir, amalgam, intermixture, merger, compound, mixture, mix, admixture, alloy, mongrel, concoction, amalgamate, Interfusion, medley, meld, mash, emulsion, infusion, decoction, conglomeration, composite, combination, paste, blend, brew, commixture, stew, composition, blending, hybrid.
potpourri (noun)
medley, mixture, miscellany, pastiche, variety, motley, assortment, miscellanea, salmagundi, mixed bag.
variety (noun)
intermixture, assortment.

Other synonyms:

Gallimaufry, Olio, grab bag. mishmash, hodgepodge. jumble
Other relevant words:
cleaner, cleanser, variety, miscellanea, hodgepodge, grab bag, miscellany, pastiche, mishmash, collect, assortment, patchwork, abrasive, jumble, bleach, Gallimaufry, borax, combo, mixed bag, disinfectant, motley, foam, Olio, salmagundi.

Usage examples for potpourri

  1. No one minds Bishop writing a potpourri overture and calling it " Shakespeariana," but why call it " The Comedy of Errors"? – Shakespeare and Music by Christopher Wilson
  2. Preceding the black troops everywhere, it produced a potpourri of full and semi- scores, melodies and plantation arias, that came as a refreshing novelty to weary English hearts and to the souls of jaded France. – Kelly Miller's History of the World War for Human Rights by Kelly Miller