Synonyms for Limit:


control, range. base, back, bottom, bevel, brim, corner, bump. fence in, bind, hamper, fetter, infringe, pen in, tie down. keep down, contain, cure. exclusive, origin, utmost, finality, purpose, restricted, prohibitive, eventuality, finite, incipience, destination, goal, conclusion, restrictive, within limits, absolute, ultimate, specific, under control, limiting. extreme. limited, precinct. circumscription, cramp, inhibition, restraint, stricture, constraint. ceiling. length. attribute (noun)
bound, boundary.
due date (noun)
duration (noun)
greatest extent (noun)
circumscription, ultimate, border, deadline, absolute, ceiling, edge, cap, goal, finality, end, brink, utmost, rim, maximum, conclusion, restraint, confines, extremity, brim, limitation, bound, destination, restriction.
limit (noun)
terminus, confines, acme, terminal point, bound, maximum, deadline, brink, trammel, determine, restrain, demarcation, specify, boundary, fringe, end, limitation, fix, edge, restriction, apex, restrict, bounds, demarcation line, throttle, border, rim, set, cutoff, point of accumulation, extremity, Terminus Ad Quem, confine, zenith, limit point, circumscribe.
ne plus ultra (noun)
highest point.
outline (noun)
figure, frame, plan, tracing, sketch, circumference, periphery, form, framework, silhouette, configuration, drawing, representation, wire frame, profile, perimeter, girth, delineation, skeleton.
physical boundary (noun)
precinct, periphery, extreme, perimeter.
restraint (noun)
summit (noun)
crest, summit, tip, peak, cap, pinnacle, highest point, top, topmost point, uppermost point, crown, brow, climax, culmination.


confine, restrict (verb)
circumscribe, fix, restrain, set, specify, cramp.
edge (verb)
trace, outline, ring, contour, bound.
limit (verb)
terminate, restrain, restrict.

Other synonyms:

pen in, fence in, infringe. ceiling, fetter, precinct, stricture, tie down, circumscription. hamper, inhibition. keep down. restraint, control, cure, contain, constraint. bind. distance
keep down, tie down.
terminus ad quem
Terminus Ad Quem.

Usage examples for limit

  1. No, really, Max, this is beyond the limit – Max Carrados by Ernest Bramah
  2. I'll be a brother to you, but that's my limit – Laughing Bill Hyde and Other Stories by Rex Beach
  3. They could bet the limit you'd never tell. – Slippy McGee, Sometimes Known as the Butterfly Man by Marie Conway Oemler