Synonyms for Examine:


search, turn over, check up on, ransack, gaze, see about, sit on, reexamine, look into, track down, go into, reconnoiter, look around, smell out, look-over, check out, stare, go behind, check on, criticize, vet, sound out, size up, research, finger, thresh out, case, monitor, feel out, audit, fathom. admit, confine, weigh, diagnose, commit, cross examine, bedside manner, doctor, cure, measure, caseload, certify. affirm, arraign, go over, call, appear, traverse, allow, cite, bring, claim, bring before, appeal. check over. ground, coach, initiate, induct, instruct, teach, tutor, train, educate, lecture. examine (noun)
analyze, analyse, test, prove, essay, canvass, try out, probe, study, try, see.


analyze (verb)
assay, dissect, study, winnow, anatomize, analyze, sift.
analyze, test (verb)
research, reconnoiter, prove, inquire, criticize, try, finger, audit, review, canvass, inspect, turn over, sift, check, case, probe, go into, investigate, peruse, scan, size up, weigh, assay, consider, scrutinize, check out, vet, go over, study, survey, explore, winnow.
ask questions pointedly (verb)
query, measure, quiz, catechize, try out, interrogate.
examine (verb)
review, observe, verify, consider, scrutinize, check, inspect, scan, peruse.
judge (verb)
size up.
perception (verb)
question (verb)
investigate, ask, canvass, poll, debate, inquire, delve, challenge, question, query, survey, seek, interrogate, contemplate, catechize, dispute, interpolate, probe, quiz, explore.

Other synonyms:

look-over, bedside manner, gaze, stare, vet, look around, check over, reexamine, caseload, diagnose, criticize, check on, certify, go into. commit, research, cure, confine. doctor, audit, monitor. go over, admit. traverse, check out. case. analyze
assay, anatomize, dissect.
try out.
cross examine, look into.
look into
go behind, look into.
sound out.
thresh out.
check up on.

Usage examples for examine

  1. Both boys hastened to examine the car. – The Girl Aviators' Motor Butterfly by Margaret Burnham
  2. But if we examine the matter more closely, the Opposition has lost all it had left by the close of the general debate, viz. – Letters From Rome on the Council by Johann Joseph Ignaz von Döllinger
  3. In a few minutes examine – School and Home Cooking by Carlotta C. Greer