Synonyms for Monitor:


ADC, accelerator card, back end, accelerated graphics port, AGP, bridgeware, base hardware, A drive, bus, auxiliary device. classmate, head boy, old girl, old boy, dropout, head girl, grader, boarder, A student. examine, check over, study, go over, check, review, scrutinize, inspect. defibrillator, eeg, balloon, ecg, drain, electrocardiograph, electrocardiogram, drip, catheter, ekg. quality controller, regulator, evaluator, serviceperson, taster, tester, inspector. counselor (noun)
adviser, informant, director.
electricity (noun)
amperes, processor, ic, kilohertz, conductor, tube, spark, anode, memory, juice, frequency, video, microphone, alternating current, ac, radar, amplifier, tweeter, positive, electrode, megahertz, voltage, transmitter, fm, radio, resistance, speaker, capacitor, charge, watt, induction, circuit, magnetism, electricity, network, receiver, crt, computer, transistor, polarity, backplane, wattage, shock, triode, motherboard, direct current, negative, volt, resistor, insulator, connection, electronics, ohm, capacitance, electrostatic, impedance, discharge, diode, television, current, cathode, cycle, circuit card, electromagnetism.
examiner (noun)
inspector (noun)
monitor (noun)
monitoring device, monitor lizard, varan, proctor, admonisher, ride herd on, supervise, reminder.
person (noun)
person who watches, oversees (noun)
adviser, informant, director.


listen, watch carefully (verb)
check, supervise.
perception (verb)

Other synonyms:

classmate, scrutinize, boarder, grader, evaluator, head girl, head boy, examine, check over, A student. inspect, tester, go over, taster, serviceperson, regulator. review. check. counselor
Other relevant words:
evaluator, classmate, varan, scrutinize, informant, serviceperson, monitor lizard, director, grader, supervise, inspector, check, reminder, ride herd on, proctor, review, study, examine, admonisher, inspect, check over, regulator, adviser, go over, monitoring device.

Usage examples for monitor

  1. Now I've confessed that I want all or nothing, and therefore have suddenly become a stranger to you, an unpleasant monitor from whom you must defend yourself. – The Children of the World by Paul Heyse
  2. But first he has, in obedience to his careful monitor bowed lowly before the dignified presence; and, hardly raising his eyes, he stands abashed at his awful situation, waiting the supreme pleasure of the supposed officer. – A Collection of College Words and Customs by Benjamin Homer Hall