Synonyms for Coach:


18-wheeler, camper van, ATV, breakdown truck, 4WD, camper, All Terrain Vehicle. berth, baggage car, buffet, bogie, cable car, caboose. induct, ground, initiate. caravan, chaise, chariot, buckboard. shunt, straphanging, second class, first class, jump a train, class, railpass, passenger. personal trainer, cross-training, spot, spotter, pro, coaching, professional. head, faculty, housemaster, headmistress, headteacher, houseparent. carriage (noun)
car, bus, charabanc, chaise, train, vehicle.
coach (noun)
four-in-hand, jitney, motorcoach, bus, double-decker, coach-and-four, handler, motorbus, tutor, private instructor, train, omnibus, charabanc, manager, passenger car, autobus.
instructor, usually in recreation (noun)
mentor, trainer, educator, tutor, teacher.
person (noun)
handler, manager.
teacher (noun)
headmaster, lecturer, professor, counselor, guru, guide, instructor, mentor, tutor, teacher, trainer, schoolmaster, educator, master, schoolmistress, advisor.
vehicle (noun)
conveyance, station wagon, tractor, fire engine, ferry, buggy, truck, sedan, stagecoach, coupe, wagon, barge, bus, convertible, taxicab, automobile, cart, bicycle, motorcycle, ambulance, cab, armored car, gondola, landau, sled, hearse, taxi, ship, sledge, vehicle, jeep, brougham, motorcar, boxcar, limousine, jalopy, train, auto, car, boat, van, roadster.


communication (verb)
instruct, usually in recreation (verb)
educate, school, teach, drill.
teach (verb)
imbue, school, drill, instruct, inculcate, instill, lecture, educate, enlighten, teach, indoctrinate, edify.

Other synonyms:

headmistress, coaching, straphanging, personal trainer, housemaster, headteacher, buckboard, cross-training, chariot, railpass. spotter, chaise, houseparent. faculty, caravan, second class. shunt, induct, first class. initiate, pro. professional. class. spot. ground. head. prepare

Usage examples for coach

  1. In exchange for this and his board, he had to coach the son of the owner of the house. – Stories from Tagore by Rabindranath Tagore
  2. The brougham remained in the coach house. – Tales of the Five Towns by Arnold Bennett
  3. Turn the coach over! – Strange True Stories of Louisiana by George Washington Cable