Synonyms for Gondola:


aileron, aft, altimeter, aerofoil, avionics, black box, ballast, AWACS, airfoil, bay. bogie, baggage car, caboose, carriage, buffet, berth. cockleshell, canal boat, Bowser, bulk carrier, coracle, carrier. artifact (noun)
gondola car.
boat (noun)
cutter, lifeboat, kayak, skiff, paddle boat, barge, watercraft, trawler, icebreaker, canoe, sampan, frigate, boat, cabin cruiser, raft, tanker, scull, schooner, longboat, hulk, speedboat, houseboat, galley, rowboat, vessel, cruiser, catamaran, destroyer, freighter, submarine, liner, gunboat, cargo boat, ocean liner, battleship, bark, motorboat, dory, tugboat, dugout, aircraft carrier, yacht, dinghy, sailboat, Bateau, ferry, scow, merchantman, steamboat, fishing boat, pontoon, hydrofoil, ship.
gondola (noun)
gondola car, car.
tram (noun)
vehicle (noun)
buggy, coupe, cab, motorcar, car, cart, boxcar, brougham, limousine, bicycle, ambulance, train, motorcycle, station wagon, sedan, roadster, taxi, sled, truck, fire engine, auto, conveyance, wagon, bus, sledge, stagecoach, taxicab, van, jeep, convertible, automobile, landau, hearse, tractor, armored car, vehicle, jalopy, coach.

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Other relevant words:
airfoil, berth, avionics, bogie, aft, cockleshell, buffet, Bowser, altimeter, carrier, AWACS, ballast, aerofoil, gondola car, caboose, aileron, bay, carriage, coracle.

Usage examples for gondola

  1. Kenwick had stepped into Mrs. Daymond's gondola and was invited to take the seat beside her; Geof stood on the shore talking with the men. – A Venetian June by Anna Fuller
  2. I had taken upon myself to enter, like a chance passenger, into the same gondola with them on their return, in order to follow their track if the other schemes should fail. – The Ghost-Seer (or The Apparitionist), and Sport of Destiny by Frederich Schiller
  3. Complete silence reigned in the gondola the sailors looked with timid admiration upon the beautiful countenance of the young girl. – The Amulet by Hendrik Conscience