Synonyms for Ambulance:


meat wagon, mobile hospital, sick transport, All Terrain Vehicle, field wagon, hospital plane, 4WD, camper van, camper, Red Cross truck, 18-wheeler, rescue squad, ATV, breakdown truck. vehicle (noun)
motorcycle, hearse, roadster, stagecoach, tractor, limousine, cab, bus, coach, buggy, sedan, wagon, boat, jalopy, train, sledge, motorcar, taxicab, coupe, station wagon, car, truck, taxi, conveyance, boxcar, auto, cart, van, sled, armored car, landau, vehicle, ship, convertible, bicycle, gondola, jeep, automobile, ferry, fire engine, brougham, barge.

Other synonyms:

ATV, All Terrain Vehicle, breakdown truck. Other relevant words:
ATV, 4WD, camper, 18-wheeler, meat wagon.

Usage examples for ambulance

  1. Please send ambulance etc. – 'Laramie;' or, The Queen of Bedlam. by Charles King
  2. I wished the ambulance would come soon. – Fanny Goes to War by Pat Beauchamp
  3. No. Well, we'll get the ambulance and later on we'll go over him properly. – The Breaking Point by Mary Roberts Rinehart