Synonyms for Tractor:


combine, cultivator, milking machine, farm tractor, kerosene tractor, plow, combine harvester, plough, planter, picker, reaper, engine, harvester, cat, caterpillar tractor. truck (noun)
semi, garbage truck, delivery truck, dray, dolly, tow truck, four-by-four, pickup, moving van.
vehicle (noun)
ship, roadster, van, jeep, motorcar, convertible, bus, station wagon, automobile, vehicle, truck, car, auto, motorcycle, gondola, barge, sedan, armored car, buggy, limousine, taxi, ferry, brougham, coach, fire engine, cart, stagecoach, jalopy, landau, taxicab, boat, bicycle, sledge, boxcar, ambulance, sled, conveyance, coupe, train, wagon, hearse, cab.

Other synonyms:

plow, harvester. cat. Other relevant words:
planter, engine, plow, picker, reaper, combine, cultivator, cat, harvester, plough.

Usage examples for tractor

  1. It is a war device to the extent that as England's need for food has been great and constant the tractor plow has been used to solve the problem of working the ground. – Kelly Miller's History of the World War for Human Rights by Kelly Miller