Synonyms for Wagon:


catapult, dollhouse, beanbag, action figure, construction paper, balloon, clay, building block, cap, doll's house. compact, estate, cruiser, demo, dragster, cabriolet, classic car, automatic. chariot, chaise, buckboard. Wain (noun)
Conestoga Wagon, caravan, carriage, prairie schooner, pushcart, covered wagon.
cart (noun)
paddy wagon (noun)
patrol wagon, police van, police wagon, cruiser.
police car (noun)
paddy wagon.
truck (noun)
garbage truck, semi, tow truck, dolly, pickup, dray, moving van, four-by-four, delivery truck.
vehicle (noun)
conveyance, jeep, auto, convertible, boat, roadster, sled, train, gondola, bus, ship, hearse, ambulance, boxcar, van, barge, bicycle, car, brougham, dray, automobile, chariot, ferry, motorcar, station wagon, sledge, landau, carriage, fire engine, buckboard, stagecoach, armored car, cart, jalopy, limousine, wain, coupe, truck, motorcycle, tractor, sedan, taxi, cab, taxicab, buggy, vehicle, coach, caravan.
wagon (noun)
station wagon, coaster wagon, Charles's Wain, waggon, plough, paddy wagon, beach wagon, police van, Black Maria, Beach Waggon, wain, Station Waggon, police wagon, dipper, big dipper, patrol wagon.

Other synonyms:

carriage. Wain
station waggon
Station Waggon.
Other relevant words:
dollhouse, automatic, chariot, pushcart, catapult, police van, beanbag, police wagon, demo, beach wagon, cap, cabriolet, estate, Black Maria, plough, coaster wagon, patrol wagon, cruiser, carriage, Beach Waggon, wain, waggon, balloon, big dipper, covered wagon, Conestoga Wagon, compact, paddy wagon, Charles's Wain, dragster, prairie schooner, caravan, clay, dipper, Station Waggon, chaise, buckboard.

Usage examples for wagon

  1. The wagon had stopped. – Stories of the Foot-hills by Margaret Collier Graham
  2. Incidentally, keep on the water- wagon until after the fight. – Malcolm Sage, Detective by Herbert George Jenkins