Synonyms for Pedal:


button, camshaft, carriage, cam, chamber, bearing, ancillary, bucket, belt, ball bearing. kick start, bicycle clips, coast, ride, backpedal, remount. drumstick, hammer, head, fret, key, bridge, bellows, damper, catgut, bow. communication (noun)
pedal point.
lever (noun)
lever, treadle.
pedal (noun)
bike, cycle, wheel, foot pedal, treadle, bicycle, foot lever, pedal point.
treadle (noun)
gas feed, brake, clutch, foot feed, lever, pedal keyboard, accelerator.


bike (verb)
play (verb)

Other synonyms:

kick start, coast, bicycle clips. ride. Other relevant words:
bucket, bridge, coast, fret, kick start, brake, bow, lever, drumstick, button, carriage, bellows, chamber, clutch, backpedal, head, camshaft, remount, damper, belt, ancillary, hammer, key, cam, bearing, catgut, accelerator, ride.

Usage examples for pedal

  1. " I suppose it would be nearer the mark to say, since you began by being so plain- spoken, that you came here to ask me to give you my husband," I retorted as quietly as I could, not because I preferred the soft pedal but because I nursed a strong suspicion that Struthers' attentive ear was just below the nearest window- sill. – The Prairie Mother by Arthur Stringer