Synonyms for Vehicle:


diesel, transportation, coaster, transport, flier, escort, motor vehicle, personal transporter, amphibian, machine. B movie, blue movie, costume drama, chick flick, cartoon, buddy movie, chiller, animation, biopic, anime, organ, channel. method, manner, way, technique, procedure, basis, system, mode, tactic. agency (noun)
deputation, delegation, medium, means, instrumentality, conductor, lieutenancy, empowerment, machinery.
agent (noun)
attorney, emissary, instrument, auxiliary, actor, impresario, representative, agent, deputy, factor, surrogate, lieutenant, liaison, agency, intermediary, middleman, substitute, operative, proxy, mediator, second, executor, go-between, delegate, appointee, alternate, ombudsman, broker.
carrier (noun)
conveyer, shipper, carrier, redcap, courier, coolie, porter, skycap, bearer, messenger.
instrument (noun)
intervention (noun)
expediency, intermediate, aid, tool, mediation, intervention, facilitation, implementation.
machine used for transportation (noun)
agent, wagon, bus, boat, truck, buggy, conveyance, bicycle, taxi, van, jalopy, car, cab, automobile, carrier, transport, motorcycle, jeep.
means (noun)
means of attaining end (noun)
instrument, channel, way, tool, intermediary, agency, medium, instrumentality, organ.
vehicle (noun)
buggy, limousine, barge, station wagon, cab, train, jalopy, ferry, hearse, armored car, taxi, boat, ship, stagecoach, roadster, motorcar, gondola, motorcycle, bicycle, fire engine, ambulance, sledge, wagon, brougham, tractor, bus, truck, convertible, sedan, jeep, car, coupe, van, cart, boxcar, conveyance, auto, taxicab, coach, landau, sled, automobile.

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Other relevant words:
method, transport, way, mode, technique, organ, manner, channel, machine, transportation, procedure.

Usage examples for vehicle

  1. " We had better ask for some other vehicle suggested Arnold. – Man and Wife by Wilkie Collins
  2. This was Diodoros, who, while Alexander was giving his directions to the charioteer, had, under cover of the darkness, sprung into the vehicle from the opposite side. – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  3. He is the only writer we have had who has wholly subdued his vehicle to his temperament. – Emerson and Other Essays by John Jay Chapman