Synonyms for Craft:


gift, prowess. airliner, command, aeroplane, Air Force One, balloon, aircraft, biplane, airplane, knowledge, expertness, airship, b-52, airbus. craftsman, modeling, modelling, craftsperson, craftswoman, artisan, carver, honest, means. carrier, shiftiness, indirection, canoe, sneakiness, canal boat, shadiness, Bowser, underhandedness, cabin cruiser, dishonesty, trickiness, barge, deviousness, cockleshell, coracle, bulk carrier. pursuit, racket, calling, job, base on, action, mint, line, profession, occupation, work, vocation, execute, employment, employ, model, create, career, business. act (noun)
boat (noun)
business, discipline (noun)
employment, profession, pursuit, vocation, trade, calling, line, handicraft, occupation, career, work.
craft (noun)
cunning, slyness, trade, wiliness, workmanship, craftiness, craftsmanship, foxiness, guile.
deceit, scheme (noun)
artfulness, slyness, foxiness, guile, wiliness, duplicity, craftiness.
dishonesty (noun)
indirection, wiliness.
expertise, skill (noun)
adroitness, know-how, aptitude, competence, dexterity, technique, adeptness, proficiency, expertness, ability, cunning, knack.
group (noun)
guile (noun)
dishonesty, duplicity.
knowledge (noun)
method (noun)
skill (noun)
artfulness, dexterity, experience, facility, technique, deftness, expertise, mastery, skill, proficiency, adeptness, flair, knack, adroitness, ability, aptitude, cunning, know-how, capability, acuity, talent, competence, genius.
trade (noun)
job, profession, work, occupation, vocation, handicraft.
vessel (noun)
plane, spacecraft, ship, boat.
water or air vehicle (noun)
aircraft, ship, boat, plane, spacecraft, barge, airplane.
workmanship (noun)

Other synonyms:

craftsman, underhandedness, deviousness, expertness, modeling, craftswoman, carver, craftsperson, shadiness, artisan, indirection, trickiness. create, shiftiness, base on, mint, sneakiness, career. model, pursuit. execute, racket. line. deceit
Other relevant words:
duplicity, modelling, gift, airplane, airliner, craftiness, craftsmanship, b-52, business, employ, prowess, shiftiness, deviousness, craftswoman, airbus, biplane, boat, create, ship, job, spacecraft, career, vocation, dishonesty, artisan, honest, craftsperson, action, barge, guile, employment, Bowser, shadiness, wiliness, model, coracle, canoe, trickiness, slyness, craftsman, underhandedness, modeling, aeroplane, sneakiness, mint, carrier, expertness, knowledge, indirection, calling, trade, line, carver, racket, cockleshell, command, profession, handicraft, aircraft, airship, pursuit, means, occupation, plane, execute, balloon, workmanship, work, foxiness.

Usage examples for craft

  1. Follow no human authority nor craft seek the influence of the Holy Spirit for yourself, that you may be led into all truth, then you will so run as to obtain. – The Works of John Bunyan Volume 3 by John Bunyan
  2. Keep your craft close to us when we sail. – When London Burned by G. A. Henty