Synonyms for Cab:


cable car, baggage car, buffet, berth, caboose, bogie. black cab, cabstand, hail, cycle rickshaw, cabbie, fare. caravan, carriage, chariot, buckboard, chaise. cab (noun)
hack, cabriolet, taxicab, taxi.
car for hire (noun)
hack, carriage, taxicab, taxi.
vehicle (noun)
convertible, bus, cart, coupe, boxcar, wagon, van, boat, jeep, fire engine, stagecoach, automobile, limousine, conveyance, ship, tractor, sledge, auto, jalopy, car, hearse, vehicle, station wagon, motorcycle, sled, truck, roadster, motorcar, ambulance, buggy, landau, barge, coach, armored car, taxi, bicycle, sedan, taxicab, ferry, brougham, gondola, train.


motion (verb)

Other synonyms:

buffet, buckboard, caboose, black cab, cabstand, cable car, cabbie, bogie, cycle rickshaw, chariot, baggage car. carriage, chaise. caravan. fare. hail. Other relevant words:
cabriolet, chariot, carriage, buckboard, buffet, cabbie, chaise, hack, cabstand.

Usage examples for cab

  1. I gave my own man his money, and then followed the other out to his cab – My Strangest Case by Guy Boothby
  2. And you will put away that nonsense from your head; and when you see the English lady that you remember, you will be very respectful to her, for she is a very great friend of mine; and if she is not at the theatre, you will go on to the other address, and Colin Laing will go with you in the cab – Macleod of Dare by William Black
  3. On the Wednesday evening he went up to town, and on the Thursday morning he put himself into a cab and ordered the man to drive him to Popham Villa. – Ralph the Heir by Anthony Trollope