Synonyms for Batty:


absurd (adjective)
laughable, ludicrous.
brainsick (adjective)
sick in the head, stark raving mad.
crackers (adjective)
crazy as a loon.
crazy (adjective)
insane, wacky, nuts, deranged, loco.
deranged (adjective)
gaga (adjective)
around the bend.
haywire (adjective)
insane (adjective)
deranged, hysterical, Crack-brained, moonstruck, lunatic, berserk, maniacal, psycho, brainsick, insane, feverish, babbling, psychotic, blithering, fruity, brain-sick, schizoid, crazy, kooky, nutty, demented, neurotic, unbalanced, delirious, crackers, mad, loco, frenzied, irrational.
screwy (adjective)
touched (adjective)
not all there.


batty (noun)
bonkers, daft, haywire, kooky, wacky, crackers, whacky, loco, round the bend, buggy, dotty, around the bend, insane, nuts, loony, balmy, kookie, fruity, loopy, barmy, cracked, bats, nutty.

Other synonyms:

Daffy, bananas, mentally ill, brainsick. distraught, non compos mentis, screwy. touched, unsound, moonstruck, disordered. off. Other relevant words:
crackers, loco, loony, nuts, nutty as a fruitcake, mentally ill, wacky, mad as a hatter, disordered, brainsick, crazy as a loon, around the bend, ridiculous, laughable, round the bend, bonkers, not all there, sick in the head, kookie, haywire, off, of unsound mind, bananas, Daffy, ludicrous, buggy, cracked, maniac, barmy, loopy, screwy, cuckoo, touched, moonstruck, daft, unsound, distraught, stark raving mad, bats, balmy, dotty, fruity, whacky, non compos mentis.

Usage examples for batty

  1. Did you ever hear anything so batty – Torchy, Private Sec. by Sewell Ford
  2. In fact, three or four days goes by without her mentionin' anything about havin' nothing to do, and I'd 'most forgot this batty talk of ours. – The House of Torchy by Sewell Ford