Synonyms for Bus:


ADC, accelerated graphics port, back end, bridgeware, base hardware, accelerator card, AGP, auxiliary device, A drive. cellar, check, booth, brown-bag, bill of fare, BYO, all-you-can-eat, bill. afloat, booking, aboard, book on, aisle seat, Booking office, board, ARR, bookable. camper van, 18-wheeler, ATV, breakdown truck, 4WD, camper, All Terrain Vehicle. box in, carry, back up, change down, buckle up, carve up, bypass, block in, car pool. bus (noun)
coach, heap, charabanc, autobus, omnibus, jalopy, busbar, motorbus, motorcoach, jitney, double-decker.
motorcoach (noun)
shuttle bus, Interurban, school bus, common carrier, transit vehicle, ing bus, limo, public conveyance, tour bus, passenger bus, Minibus.
vehicle (noun)
fire engine, cart, coach, hearse, taxi, stagecoach, buggy, conveyance, automobile, wagon, motorcar, sedan, boxcar, boat, sledge, jalopy, tractor, sled, landau, bicycle, jeep, train, limousine, barge, convertible, station wagon, armored car, van, vehicle, ferry, brougham, motorcycle, cab, ambulance, auto, taxicab, ship, gondola, car, coupe, roadster, truck.

Other synonyms:

afloat, bill of fare, ADC, base hardware, All Terrain Vehicle, auxiliary device, cellar, A drive, Booking office, BYO, bill, car pool, buckle up, booth, change down, aisle seat, book on, Minibus, ARR, accelerated graphics port, breakdown truck, all-you-can-eat, back end, accelerator card, aboard, ATV, check, box in. block in, board. carve up. bypass. back up. carry. Other relevant words:
bill, cellar, 4WD, bridgeware, busbar, omnibus, heap, check, school bus, Interurban, AGP, ARR, autobus, carry, bookable, transit vehicle, jitney, board, booth, all-you-can-eat, ATV, BYO, ADC, charabanc, motorbus, Minibus, bypass, afloat, aboard, camper, limo, booking, double-decker, brown-bag, 18-wheeler, motorcoach.

Usage examples for bus

  1. " Oh, no," answered Whistler; " they do not want masterpieces there, but some of their picture- frames are exquisite and really worth bus fare to look at." – Whistler Stories by Don C. Seitz
  2. He hadn't been there a month before the owner was saying, " Say, Chug, take a look at this here bus will you? – Half Portions by Edna Ferber
  3. The children are taken in a bus to the Honor school, and there was no settled meeting- place for more than two years, the services being held in turn from house to house. – The Making of a Country Parish by Harlow S. (Harlow Spencer) Mills