Synonyms for Drag:


slack (adjective)


capillary action, scraper, absorbance, harrow, bonding, calorific, dragnet, centrifugal force, centripetal force, shoe, air resistance, balance, amplitude, attraction, net, anchor. array, suction, black, casuals, friction, baggies, beachwear, civvies, coordinates, black tie, combats, accessory. bring, shepherd, walk, haul off, bother, deliver, annoyance, nuisance, escort, conduct, bore, come, trouble. cessation, hang, cold turkey, Draggle, habit, nicotine gum, chain-smoke, light up, ashtray, draw on. click, inch, fast, key, hover, drag-and-drop, enter, input, backspace, double-click. dally, inconvenience, predicament, tarry, lag, procrastinate, dilly-dally, problem. cascade, droop, hang out, sling, suspend, dangle. hunt down, search, probe, look out for, scavenge, search out, look for, seek out, go through, pick through. creeping, drag by, creep up on. pluck at, tear at, strain. act (noun)
pull, puff.
a puff while smoking (noun)
pull, draw.
bad situation (noun)
bore, hindrance, burden, nuisance, encumbrance, trouble, bother, impediment, annoyance, pest.
drag (noun)
drag on, retarding force, scuff, trail, drag out, drop behind, sweep up, sweep, hale, puff, get behind, hang back, haul, embroil, drag in, cart, tangle, draw, dredge.
drag up (noun)
annoyance, bother, nuisance, pest, trouble, bore.
hindrance (noun)
blockage, resistance, congestion, damper, disadvantage, stoppage, entrapment, frustration, encumbrance, bafflement, constipation, hindrance, blockade, obstruction, inhibition, entanglement, hurdle, opposition, interruption, deterrent, obstacle, restriction, barrier, drawback, impedance, restraint, constraint, impediment, complication, impasse.
leverage (noun)
nuisance (noun)
phenomenon (noun)
retarding force.


attract (verb)
charm, magnetize, seduce, invite, captivate, engross, allure, lure, entice, enchant, attract, draw, pull.
haul something to a new place (verb)
hale, tow, trail, tug, yank, magnetize.
hinder (verb)
impede, encumber, jam, frustrate, thwart, oppose, crimp, complicate, dam, tangle, brake, curb, inhibit, cramp, hamstring, detain, constrain, stay, handicap, block, foul, deter, entrap, bar, hamper, delay, congest, interrupt, snag, obstruct, plug, stop, paralyze, check, catch, bung, impair, baffle, mire, bottleneck, restrain, burden, counter, resist, fetter, choke, entangle, clog, hinder, restrict, snarl, constipate, cripple.
move very slowly (verb)
dawdle, poke, tarry, linger, dally, inch, crawl, loiter, lag, hang, creep, delay, procrastinate.
pull (verb)
grab, jerk, tow, tug, yank, haul.
slow (verb)
dawdle, loiter, linger, creep, slow, plod, poke, crawl, trudge.

Other synonyms:

dilly-dally, ashtray, predicament, double-click, Draggle, pluck at, drag-and-drop, pest, tear at, menace, chain-smoke, drag by, joke, inconvenience, hover, nicotine gum, dragnet. backspace, light up, cessation, creep up on, irritant, vexation, calamity, creeping, procrastinate, peeve, tarry, annoyance. inch, draw on, irritation. click, input, dally. key. bother. strain. accompany
hang out.
pull along

Usage examples for drag

  1. We can drag it back, I think. – Tom of the Raiders by Austin Bishop
  2. If only I had not let that fool of a John drag me back into the room, and had gone after the little white figure, which I should do certainly if I saw it now! – Heidi by Johanna Spyri
  3. Did you drag your uncle up, too? – Harley Greenoak's Charge by Bertram Mitford