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cannonball - 72 results
Other synonyms:

drive, bundle, race, careen, rip, crawl, course, belly flop, bathe, run, hotfoot, hare, crack, trot, pelt, jet, bustle, rocket, atom bomb, shoot, hurl, hie, whisk, atomic bomb, hurtle, blow, rush, ballistic missile, tear, round shot, chase, nip, car bomb, breeze, barrel, career, breaststroke, blaze, bathing, zoom, bomb, scoot, cluster bomb, cannon ball, decompression, hasten, speed, depth charge, buzz, the butterfly, rustle, dash, zip, A-bomb, hump, hustle, step, bolt, fly, bowl, ram, blast, highball, backstroke, belt, scurry, whirl, jump, motor, booby trap, scuttle, travel.

Examples of usage:

" It was in listening to those talks after supper in the old shack on the Cannonball," he said, a long time after, " that I first came to understand that the Lord made the earth for all of us and not for a chosen few." - "Roosevelt in the Bad Lands", Hermann Hagedorn.

We were sitting on a log, said Merrifield, many years later, up at what we called Cannonball Creek. - "Roosevelt in the Bad Lands", Hermann Hagedorn.

The overseas tapes are going like a cannonball express. - "Prologue to an Analogue", Leigh Richmond.

Similar words:

cannonball along, cannonade, cannibal, cannibal mound, cannibalic, Canonically, Canonicals, canonical, cannoneer.

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