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chuff - 66 results
Other synonyms:

puff up, puff out, bounder, rat, toad, good, churl, swine, vermin, louse, hound, slimeball, vulgarian, varmint, buzzard, Yahoo, pill, crumb, rotter, fink, blighter, blow up, scuzzball, dog, bastard, dirtbag, barbarian, puff, cad, beast, sleazeball, draw, whiff, reptile, cur, sod, Philistine, heel, boor, sleaze, gasp, heave, cretin, clown, skunk, slob, huff, bugger, schmuck, lout, so-and-so, joker, scumbag, slime, creep, drag, stinkard, rat fink, sleazebag, crud, snake, scum, stinker, bleeder, snort, pant.

Similar words:

chufa, chump, chunk, chuffed, chuck, drogue chute, chuck out, chuck-full, chuck up the sponge.

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