Synonyms for Mire:


tragedy, worst-case scenario, stress, nightmare, trouble, ordeal, battle, crisis. wetland, mudflats, slough, flats, muskeg, marshland, dry, fenland. bemire, muddy. hell (noun)
gehenna, holocaust, bedlam, horror, morass, oven, abyss, purgatory, styx, furnace, inferno, limbo, hades.
hindrance (noun)
damper, restriction, impedance, disadvantage, hurdle, bafflement, deterrent, constraint, barrier, drawback, frustration, inhibition, obstruction, encumbrance, blockade, impasse, entanglement, interruption, resistance, stoppage, blockage, obstacle, restraint, entrapment, congestion, opposition, impediment, hindrance, complication, constipation.
marsh (noun)
swamp, bottoms, quagmire, glade, swampland, marsh, bog, fen.
mire (noun)
muck up, quagmire, muck, get stuck, mud, morass, bog down, entangle.
muck, morass (noun)
bog, fen, marsh, swamp, quagmire, ooze, mud.
mud (noun)
object (noun)
morass, quagmire.
refuse (noun)
stalemate (noun)


delay, catch up in (verb)
entangle, entrap, bog down, tangle, detain.
hinder (verb)
constrain, snag, jam, constipate, obstruct, crimp, congest, hamstring, cripple, cramp, paralyze, curb, complicate, foul, inhibit, resist, block, impair, interrupt, drag, burden, fetter, impede, catch, stay, clog, bottleneck, choke, hamper, frustrate, entangle, thwart, bung, brake, counter, check, oppose, baffle, snarl, restrain, plug, deter, hinder, dam, delay, bar, encumber, stop, tangle, handicap, entrap, restrict, detain.

Other synonyms:

muskeg, marshland, slush, bemire, wetland, fenland. slough, sludge. muddy. embroil
Other relevant words:
get stuck, ooze, bemire, bog down, marshland, muck, mud, muskeg, slush, bog, sludge, muck up, muddy, slough, fenland, wetland.

Usage examples for mire

  1. I don't want to drag you down into the mire too." – Two Boys and a Fortune by Matthew White, Jr.
  2. After a dangerous and exhausting day's work in the mire and jungle, he came back with nothing more to show for his pains than an armful of creepers. – Into the Primitive by Robert Ames Bennet
  3. Suppose that your horse had plunged into a deep ditch, and was lying there in mire and thorns; would you not strike him, and sharply too, to make him put out his whole strength, and rise, and by one great struggle clear himself? – The Good News of God by Charles Kingsley