Synonyms for Horror:


allegory, epic, cock-and-bull story, adaptation, comedy, detective, black comedy, anecdote, classic, drama. apprehension, panic, affright, fearfulness, trepidation, fear, cold feet, dread, alarm, fright, funk, chill. battle, quagmire, crisis, anathema, stress, worst-case scenario, ordeal, tragedy, trouble. excrescence, eyesore, a blot on the landscape, grotesque, clash. abhorrence (noun)
dislike, loathing, hate.
alarm (noun)
stress, fright.
amazement (noun)
dread (noun)
awe, fright, fear.
fear (noun)
fearfulness, dread.
fear, revulsion (noun)
loathing, dread, panic, repugnance, fright, awe, antipathy, trepidation, apprehension, dislike, terror, alarm, hate.
ghost (noun)
bugaboo, apparition, specter, werewolf, hobgoblin, illusion, nightmare, phantom, terror, chimera, ghost, vampire, bugbear, bogey man, ogre, monster, frankenstein, succubus, myth, dracula, spirit, shadow, ghoul, daemon, incubus, Phantasm.
hate (noun)
Repellence, Repugnancy, Repellency.
hell (noun)
mire, holocaust, morass, oven, inferno, gehenna, bedlam, styx, furnace, hades, purgatory, abyss, limbo.
horror (noun)
repugnance, revulsion, repulsion.

Other synonyms:

creep, Repellency, awe, public nuisance, Repugnancy, loudmouth, fear, fearfulness, cold feet, yob, Repellence, eyesore. apprehension, anathema, hate, chill, excrescence, dread, loathing, vermin. funk, antipathy. alarm. panic. clash.

Usage examples for horror

  1. Don Antolin opened his eyes in horror – The Shadow of the Cathedral by Vicente Blasco Ibañez
  2. Scene for scene, word for word, Julian Estcourt lived over again through the wild dread and horror of his Dream. – The Mystery of a Turkish Bath by E.M. Gollan (AKA Rita)