Synonyms for Goad:


anger, irritate, annoy, bother, frustrate, drive someone mad, madden, antagonize, infuriate. blunt instrument, incitement, instigation, boomerang, incitation, stimulus, provocation, cosh, knobkierie, brass knuckles, club, cudgel, battering ram, bullwhip. artifact (noun)
goad (noun)
prod, spurring, nettle, needle, goading, spur, prodding, urging.
persuading (noun)
prod (noun)
inspirit, tease, whip, rowel, arouse, animate, excite.
stimulus (noun)
pressure, urge, incitement, incitation, drive, spur, prod, whip.


compel (verb)
foment, mandate, nag, cause, spark, coerce, hijack, incite, dragoon, motivate, pressure, stress, bulldoze, browbeat, galvanize, bully, urge, intimidate, oblige, daunt, dictate, stimulate, press.
egg on, incite (verb)
inspirit, provoke, instigate, prompt, encourage, spark, tease, force, excite, coerce, arouse, press, bully, annoy, rowel, trigger, irritate, animate, push, propel, stimulate, thrust, impel, needle, move.
emotion (verb)
motivate (verb)
inspire, bump, jolt, ferment, knock, instigate, provoke, jerk, shoot, encourage, energize, hasten, poke, induce, move, jog, nudge, entice, trigger, jostle, force, hurtle, strike, prompt, punch, magnetize.
propel (verb)
fling, precipitate, cast, throw, catapult, fire, heave, flick, toss, shove, hurl, launch, thrust, lob, push, pitch, bowl, chuck, ram, cant, prod, sling, compel, butt, impel, drive, shunt, project, propel, pelt, bunt.

Other synonyms:

kiss of death, bullwhip, knobkierie, battering ram, excite, brass knuckles, incitation. boomerang, instigation, cosh, cudgel, deterrence, hammer blow, blunt instrument, crime, incitement. stimulus. provocation. evil. cloud. club. blow. hasten

Usage examples for goad

  1. The establishment of the Inquisition is decisive, because it proves that sceptical thought had been spread far enough to goad the Church to general and systematic repression, while the Opus Majus is a scientific exposition of the method by which the sceptical mind is trained. – The Emancipation of Massachusetts by Brooks Adams
  2. I replied, with a shudder, caused, perhaps, by dark remembrance; " if we go to the office, you surely will not expect me to see Mr. Goad himself?" – Erema My Father's Sin by R. D. Blackmore