Synonyms for Irritating:


aggravating (adjective)
troublesome, perturbing, antagonizing, disturbing, aggravating, pestering, bothersome, Harassing, infuriating, inflaming, vexing, exasperating, Rankling, teasing, upsetting, grating, exacerbating, Enraging, tormenting, Bedeviling, annoying, Irksome.
all (adjective)
galling (adjective)
Harassing, galling.
offensive (adjective)
painful (adjective)
woeful, tormenting, aggravating, Cramping, crushing, severe, bothersome, throbbing, cruel, unbearable, annoying, burdensome, Gnawing, acute, odious, inflaming, Besetting, troublesome, biting, smarting, piercing, anguishing, cutting, grievous, arduous, wrenching, insufferable, horrendous, miserable, stinging, offensive, excruciating, distressful, bitter, trying, sore, stabbing, withering, aching, grueling, Torturing., chafing, oppressive, unpleasant, harrowing, Irksome, agonizing, hurtful, uncomfortable, painful, disagreeable.
vexatious (adjective)
disturbing, annoying, provoking, trying, plaguy, bothersome.


pathetic, obscene. pain. irritating (noun)
painful, plaguy, annoying, uncomfortable, disagreeable, pestiferous, bothersome, teasing, irritative, plaguey, galling, stimulative, nettlesome, vexing, pestering, pesky, vexatious.


aggravating (verb)
troubling, needling, nagging, Harrying, Discomposing, badgering, baiting, Envenoming, Arousing, peeving.
chafing (verb)
rasping, scrubbing, grating, scraping, Resisting, rubbing, chafing, disturbing, aggravating, wearing, grinding, Fretting, Abrading, Harassing.
displeasing (verb)
offending, repelling, disappointing, provoking, Scandalizing, shocking, Angering, displeasing, jarring, Aggrieving, disgusting, Riling.
irritating (verb)
Bothering, vexing, irking, acerbating, Piquing, hassling, annoying, teasing.
paining (verb)
stitching, racking, Paining, Afflicting, suffering, Discomforting, distressing, hurting.

Other synonyms:

pathetic. Other relevant words:
pain, stimulative, nettlesome, plaguy, pestiferous, galling, irritative, plaguey, pesky, vexatious.

Usage examples for irritating

  1. As explained previously, the sugar is then diluted with other food materials and proves less irritating – School and Home Cooking by Carlotta C. Greer
  2. His dejection awakened little sympathy in Boyd, who felt happier for the removal of his irritating presence. – The Silver Horde by Rex Beach
  3. The irritating impression of the lips and eyes of Hyacinthe was far from him now. – Là-bas by J. K. Huysmans