Synonyms for Fixing:


fixing up, Adapting, adjustment. act (noun)
fix, repair, mending, fixture, reparation.
fixing (noun)
fixation, fastener, fastening, reparation, neutering, fixture, repair, holdfast, mending, altering, fix.
repairing (noun)
arranging, Adapting, ordering, mending, Repairing, Adjusting, adjustment.
restoring (noun)


correcting (verb)
revising, Correcting, altering, Amending, Repairing, patching, Rectifying, Remedying, improving, Adjusting.
heading (verb)
bearing, Aiming, steering, heading, vectoring.
installing (verb)
positioning, rooting, Instating, grafting, Initiating, Embedding, Implanting, locating, Ensconcing, Inserting, planting, building in, putting, connecting, installing.
ordering (verb)
setting, regulating, stabilizing, Maintaining, Methodizing, Harmonizing, Classing, normalizing, ordering, Plotting, Marshalling, grading, charting, integrating, Organizing, programming, Separating, devising, shaping, scoring, orchestrating, supporting, scheduling, grouping, Righting, Stratifying, Forming, unsnarling, rating, Arraying, unifying, schematizing, categorizing, subordinating, Placing, structuring, balancing, settling, arranging, sorting, Classifying, casting, pigeonholing, Systematizing, Collating, ranking, Preparing, Establishing, composing, scheming, controlling, Mediating, sifting, framing, planning, screening, typing, designing, rationalizing.
resting (verb)
settling down, marking time, Stilling, Staying, tranquilizing, Pausing, Resting, sleeping, Becalming, Vegetating, calming, Stagnating, slumbering, subsiding, standing, Quieting, waiting.
restoring (verb)
Overhauling, reviving, curing, renovating, reconditioning, Rehabilitating, Restoring, rejuvenating, reconstituting, mending, healing, darning.
stabilizing (verb)
tying down, Securing, constraining.

Other synonyms:

adjustment. Other relevant words:
fix, reparation, adjustment, fixture, repair, fastening, holdfast, neutering, fastener, fixation.

Usage examples for fixing

  1. " Oh, we've been fixing it up. – Space Viking by Henry Beam Piper
  2. Do not resist them when they come, but drop them behind by fixing heart, mind, and soul on Christ. – The Prodigal Returns by Lilian Staveley
  3. Slowly unclosing her eyes, and fixing them upon her cousin, Dora answered- You do look beautifully. – Dora Deane by Mary J. Holmes