Synonyms for Resisting:


chafing (adjective)
chafing, scrubbing, rubbing, friction, wearing, grinding, rasping, scraping.
hindering (adjective)
crippling, congesting, constipating, choking, Crimping, bottleneck, Entangling, Snarling, Handicapping, thwarting, baffling, burdensome, Detaining, constraining, restricting, Fouling, Complicating, frustrating, Clogging, Tangling, Restraining, Damming, Encumbering, blocking, hindering, Obstructing, Deterring, Snagging, inhibiting, Cramping, impeding, Entrapping, Delaying.
opposing (adjective)
oppositional (adjective)
antagonizing, challenging, hindering, conflicting, impeding, repressing, Rebuffing, Counteracting, Suppressing, oppositional, confrontational, interfering, defiant, crossing, Disputing, Objecting, protesting, repelling, counterattacking, Repulsing, inhibiting, contradictory, obstructive.
resistant (adjective)
opposing, Renitent, contrary, unyielding, defiant, resistive.
unwilling (adjective)
indisposed, irreconcilable, opposed, loath, recalcitrant, unhelpful, non-consenting, uncomplying, unconsenting, hesitant, averse, squeamish, contrary, obstinate, unwilling, unyielding, stubborn, uncooperative, defiant, noncooperative, reluctant, balky, disinclined.


resistant, resistive, Renitent, resist.


chafing (verb)
grating, rasping, grinding, scrubbing, scraping, disturbing, chafing, Harassing, aggravating, Abrading, Fretting, wearing, irritating, rubbing.
contending (verb)
brawling, standing, Withstanding, wrangling, struggling, contrasting, protesting, bickering, antagonizing, wrestling, conflicting, contending, hassling, Quarreling, Disputing, Encountering, clashing, Vying.
defending (verb)
covering, Fending, defending, Policing, averting, arguing, Barricading, Sustaining, upholding, opposing, safeguarding, screening, returning, shielding, Rebutting, saving, protecting, Sheltering, barring, Responding, supporting, answering, counterattacking, Securing, guarding, backfiring, Retorting, Replying, buffering, Warding.
defying (verb)
crossing, rebelling, countering, facing, Counteracting, Countermanding, challenging, Defying, Affronting, confronting, Contravening, daring, dissenting.
hindering (verb)
jamming, Impairing, braking, Miring, Interrupting, Hampering, Hamstringing, dragging, catching, Paralyzing, Bunging, Burdening, fettering, Staying, Plugging, curbing, stopping, bottlenecking.
opposing (verb)
impeding, Checking, Suppressing, Objecting, Intercepting, repelling, repressing, hindering, fighting, Obstructing, interfering, meddling, disagreeing, Repulsing, Oppressing, Rebuffing, inhibiting, Contradicting.
resisting (verb)
standing fast, standing firm, Snubbing.

Other synonyms:

Renitent. resistive. resistant. Other relevant words:
resistant, resistive, Renitent, resist.

Usage examples for Resisting

  1. It flattered her to imagine that she had been resisting them in their present burning might ever since her lover stepped on the Esperanza's deck at the mouth of Otley River. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  2. He felt her resisting – Gargoyles by Ben Hecht
  3. In any case he had had his arm round her, and she had shown no signs of resisting him. – The Jervaise Comedy by J. D. Beresford