Synonyms for Chafing:


chafing (adjective)
rasping, scrubbing, Resisting, friction, grinding, wearing, scraping, rubbing.
painful (adjective)
Cramping, excruciating, aggravating, disagreeable, sore, uncomfortable, anguishing, grueling, trying, distressful, unbearable, Irksome, odious, Gnawing, bitter, biting, annoying, aching, inflaming, stinging, miserable, cruel, agonizing, troublesome, crushing, grievous, Besetting, throbbing, offensive, wrenching, withering, arduous, burdensome, bothersome, acute, irritating, piercing, painful, harrowing, cutting, oppressive, hurtful, tormenting, smarting, insufferable, unpleasant, severe, stabbing, Torturing., woeful, horrendous.


friction (noun)
friction, abrasion, resistance.
pain (noun)
crick, spasm, injury, torment, Back Ache, agony, gripe, anguish, rack, stitch, smarting, irritation, wrench, painfulness, suffering, misery, Migraine, affliction, sore, bruise, malaise, grief, torture, bite, stab, throe, earache, wound, throb, pang, ache, infliction, cramp, inflammation, sting, hurt, headache, burn, pain, discomfort, distress.


aggravating (verb)
infuriating, Harrying, Discomposing, vexing, exacerbating, pestering, badgering, irking, teasing, upsetting, baiting, Bedeviling, hassling, Bothering, Envenoming, Arousing, troubling, peeving, exasperating, perturbing, antagonizing, Rankling, needling, Enraging, nagging.
chafing (verb)
grating, Abrading, scrubbing, Resisting, Fretting, irritating, Harassing, rasping, grinding, scraping, rubbing, disturbing, wearing, aggravating.
paining (verb)
racking, stitching, hurting, distressing, Paining, Afflicting, Discomforting.

Other synonyms:

friction, rubbing.

Usage examples for chafing

  1. Giddy girls, chafing against the restraints of uncongenial industry, see the glittering bait continually before them. – In-Darkest-England-and-the-Way-Out by Booth, William
  2. On the morrow, about nine in the morning, we set off- Joan on the strawberry, balanced easily on an old sack, which was all her saddle; and I on Molly, that now was sound again and chafing to be so idle. – The Splendid Spur by Arthur T. Quiller Couch
  3. Starch, soda, and bran baths are often used in place of the ordinary soap and water bath when the skin is inflamed, as in cases of chafing or prickly heat. – The Mother and Her Child by William S. Sadler Lena K. Sadler