Synonyms for Hurtful:


acid (adjective)
baneful (adjective)
harmful (adjective)
ominous, dangerous.
injurious, cruel (adjective)
nasty, ominous, aching, spiteful, harmful, malicious, afflictive, unkind, deleterious, evil, dangerous, mean, cutting.
malevolent (adjective)
catty, vicious, baneful, venomous, baleful, evil, sullen, wicked, foul, bitter, ill-natured, perfidious, nasty, rancorous, virulent, sinister, treacherous, Black-hearted, hateful, malignant, vindictive, mean, spiteful, malicious, antagonistic, hostile, malevolent, churlish, corrosive.
painful (adjective)
throbbing, afflictive, withering, troublesome, crushing, severe, tormenting, stabbing, grievous, cruel, woeful, unbearable, oppressive, acute, miserable, nagging, Irksome, stinging, aching, excruciating, aggravating, annoying, bothersome, horrendous, Torturing., offensive, trying, cutting, smarting, disagreeable, wrenching, sore, uncomfortable, Cramping, arduous, unpleasant, insufferable, burdensome, chafing, irritating, biting, anguishing, inflaming, grueling, distressful, Gnawing, painful, bitter, Besetting, odious, piercing, harrowing, agonizing.


awful, hard, inhuman, monstrous, uncharitable, pitiless. nagging, pain, achy, afflictive. ill, help. hurtful (noun)
injurious, unkind, deleterious, harmful.

Other synonyms:

afflictive, nagging, achy. ill. Other relevant words:
ill, injurious, hard, nagging, pain, harmful, afflictive, unkind, achy, dangerous, ominous, deleterious.

Usage examples for hurtful

  1. They all fall, as the Apostle says, into foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition, and so pierce themselves through with many sorrows. – The Water of Life and Other Sermons by Charles Kingsley
  2. Sir Henry Wotton is our authority for recording of Father Paul Sarpi that, when engaged in writing, his manner was to sit fenced with a castle of paper about his chair, and overhead; " for he was of our Lord of St. Albans' opinion, that 'all air is predatory' and especially hurtful when the spirits are most employed." – Methods of Authors by Hugo Erichsen