Synonyms for Sin:


archangel, angel, bless, angelic, blaspheme, blasphemy, article of faith, blessing, absolution, blasphemous. degree, cosine, orthogonal, cotangent, minute, obtuse, median, perpendicular, cos, oblique. outrage. err. attribute (noun)
wickedness, sinfulness.
crime (noun)
Peccancy, immorality.
error (noun)
Veniality, wrongdoing, gluttony, covetousness or avarice, sloth, envy, transgression of the divine law, wrath or anger, lust, disobedience to the divine will, evil-doing.
evil (noun)
sinfulness, criminality.
guilt (noun)
illegal or immoral action (noun)
immorality, wrongdoing, lust, vice, gluttony, evil-doing, sinfulness, sloth, trespass, envy, Veniality, Peccancy, wickedness.
misconduct (noun)
sin (noun)
goof, sinning, boob, trespass, sinfulness, sine, blunder, wickedness, transgress.
vice (noun)
corruption, perversion, debauchery, criminality, sinfulness, badness, blameworthiness, debasement, reprehensibleness, evildoing, villainousness, vice, blackness, baseness, feloniousness, perverseness, depravity, impropriety, obnoxiousness, sinisterness, iniquitousness, sadism, Damnability, immorality, degeneration, indecency, wickedness.


commit illegal or immoral action (verb)
transgress, err.
social (verb)
trespass, transgress.

Other synonyms:

wrongdoing, Peccancy, enormity, Diablerie. err, outrage, deviltry. excess. err

Usage examples for sin

  1. Well, well, I hope it's not a sin to wish 'em happy, spite of that bad action; and as for her, she's had her troubles in this world, as all the parish is ready to testify, and no doubt but what that will be considered to her in the world to come. – Fated to Be Free by Jean Ingelow
  2. She went to her brother's writing- room, and began in all haste to pen the following note:- My dearest Maximina, my soul's sister: When you receive this, poor Julia will already have committed a great sin – Maximina by Armando Palacio Valdés