Synonyms for Ashamed:


humbled (adjective)
penitent (adjective)
regretful (adjective)
regretting, remorseful (adjective)
apologetic, crestfallen, blushing, meek, repentant, penitent, stuttering, flustered, chagrined, contrite, discomfited, hesitant, mortified, embarrassed, guilty, muddled, humiliated, regretful, abashed, shamefaced, stammering, shamed, sorry, disconcerted, sheepish, conscience-stricken, Demeaned.
shamefaced (adjective)


feel/look small, foolish, sorry. ashamed (noun)
disgraced, embarrassed, sheepish, humiliated, hangdog, shamefaced, shamed, dishonored, mortified, guilty, discredited.
embarrassed (noun)
apologetic, red-faced, flustered, penitent, dashed, Demeaned, stammering, chagrined, crestfallen, repentant, bewildered, gasping, feeling like a jackass, blushing, stuttering, nonplused, Discomforted, sputtering, disconcerted, uncomfortable, self-conscious, conscience-stricken, at a loss, bowed down, taken down a peg, perplexed, muddled, looking silly or foolish, Floundering, abashed, contrite, hesitant, rueful, out of countenance, discomfited, confused, meek, regretful, rattled.


coloring (verb)

Other synonyms:

abashed, self-conscious, foolish, conscience-stricken, sorry, uncomfortable, repentant. repentant
Other relevant words:
perplexed, contrite, foolish, disconcerted, stuttering, bowed down, abashed, out of countenance, flustered, penitent, confused, gasping, meek, crestfallen, rattled, rueful, nonplused, apologetic, Floundering, red-faced, stammering, self-conscious, hesitant, conscience-stricken, sorry, sputtering, dashed, regretful, blushing, uncomfortable, chagrined, Demeaned, muddled, Discomforted, repentant, bewildered, discomfited.

Usage examples for ashamed

  1. I did go, and I am not ashamed – A Very Naughty Girl by L. T. Meade
  2. I know that if youd been my mother, youd have been ashamed of me. – Misalliance by George Bernard Shaw
  3. I have spoken of it so often I am almost ashamed to speak again." – A Forest Hearth: A Romance of Indiana in the Thirties by Charles Major