Synonyms for Enormity:


decadence, immorality, iniquity, wrong, excess, sin, villainy. atrocity, atrociousness, impressiveness, nobility, scale, heinousness, Monstrousness, spaciousness, Extensiveness, bulk, good, greatness. grossness, Egregiousness, Flagrance, flagrantness, rankness, Flagrancy, Glaringness. right, outrage, monstrosity. attribute (noun)
crime (noun)
enormity (noun)
extreme largeness (noun)
size, greatness, bulk, vastness, enormousness, immensity.
horribleness (noun)
crime, Flagrancy, monstrosity, outrage, atrocity, heinousness, villainy, outrageousness, rankness, grossness, evil, Monstrousness, atrociousness, depravity, wickedness.
infinity (noun)
magnitude (noun)
enormousness, size, immensity, vastness.
vice (noun)
outrage, depravity, atrocity, wickedness, crime, evil.

Other synonyms:

iniquity, heinousness, villainy, immorality, crime, Monstrousness, Egregiousness, grossness, Glaringness, flagrantness, Flagrancy, vastness, depravity, rankness, Flagrance, atrociousness. greatness, outrage, monstrosity, sin. bulk, atrocity. wrong. excess. scale. magnitude

Usage examples for enormity

  1. He brought out this awful confession with a gasp at its enormity but hurried on to a yet more terrible climax. – Hillsboro People by Dorothy Canfield
  2. There is a proper season for all the purely Indian games, and to play any of them out of season is almost as great an enormity as to shoot a partridge in England before the 1st of September. – India and the Indians by Edward F. Elwin
  3. When we measure the exhaustion of Germany on the one side against the enormity of its burdens on the other, it is difficult to believe that it can ever recover in the near future. – The New Germany by George Young