Synonyms for Paltriness:


important, inconsiderableness, triviality, pettiness, negligibleness, Trivialness, negligibility. attribute (noun)
littleness (noun)
littleness, lowness, brevity, succinctness, scantiness, shortness, narrowness, diminutiveness, meagerness, fewness, delicacy, puniness, smallness, conciseness, compactness, minuteness.
paltriness (noun)
pettiness (noun)
triviality, irrelevance, insignificance.
unimportance (noun)
triviality, insignificance.

Other synonyms:

negligibility, inconsiderableness, Trivialness, negligibleness, pettiness. Other relevant words:
sorriness, insignificance, negligibility, pettiness, negligibleness, inconsiderableness, Trivialness, irrelevance, triviality.

Usage examples for paltriness

  1. What paltriness and beggarliness does it not take to accept gifts year in and year out without service in return, as they are regularly collected e. – The Ego and His Own by Max Stirner