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paltriness - 27 results
Other synonyms:

important, sorriness, pettiness, irrelevance, negligibility, triviality, trivialness, triviality, negligibleness, inconsiderableness, insignificance.

Examples of usage:

" And so he was, child; he had a mind above the paltriness of such a place as this,- of course he had: he never would have been a popular man anywhere, never. - "Daisy Burns (Volume 2)", Julia Kavanagh.

A man thinks a lot in a flash sometimes; I used to get excited over little things, because of the very paltriness of them, but I was mostly cool in a crisis- Jack was the reverse. - "Joe Wilson and His Mates", Henry Lawson.

What paltriness and beggarliness does it not take to accept gifts year in and year out without service in return, as they are regularly collected e. - "The Ego and His Own", Max Stirner.

Similar words:

pallidness, paleness, paltering, palominos.

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