Synonyms for Offense:


counterattack, pounding, swoop, sin, tanning, salvo, malfeasance. all-American, back, club, battery, center forward, conference, blue, ballplayer, backfield, center, boy. insult, case, criminality, count, contumely, despite, slight, indignity, affront. miff, pain, chip, huff, cross, backhand, catch, ruffled feathers, delivery, ball, like, dribble, dive, corner, dudgeon, blast. evildoing, misdeed, Diablerie, right, jibe, Peccancy, name calling, wrongdoing, deviltry, wrong, kiss off, immorality. illegality. Assailment, onrush, attempt, onset. act (noun)
offensive activity, offence, discourtesy.
anger, hard feelings (noun)
displeasure, miff, umbrage, resentment, wrath, pique, huff.
attack (noun)
tirade, invasion, foray, frenzy, bombardment, violence, riot, strike, warfare, onslaught, raid, combat, charge, sortie, spasm, storm, siege, outbreak, bloodshed, battle, thrust, barrage, war, fury, attack, aggression, assault, furor, fight.
crime (noun)
breach, infraction, outrage, injustice, felony, transgression, infringement, misdemeanor, atrocity, mischief, violation, crime.
guilt (noun)
huff (noun)
dudgeon, miff.
insult, displeasure (noun)
outrage, battery, Assailment, slight, indignity, onset, attack, onslaught, assault, indignation, affront, hurt, aggression, injustice.
misconduct (noun)
offense (noun)
umbrage, offensive, offensive activity, misdemeanour, discourtesy, violation, misdemeanor, infraction, infringement, offence.
resentment (noun)
vexation, bile, acerbity, dissatisfaction, soreness, pique, infuriation, indignation, envy, hard feelings, umbrage, antagonism, irritation, discontent, ill humor, huffiness, sullenness, spite, wrath, resentment, rancor, bitterness.
violation, trespass (noun)
wrong, sin, transgression, misdeed, breach, wrongdoing, malfeasance, crime, infraction, misdemeanor.

Other synonyms:

Peccancy, contumely, Assailment, insult, ruffled feathers, Diablerie, malfeasance, evildoing, dudgeon, wrongdoing, name calling. onrush, miff, illegality. onset, deviltry, attempt, jibe. kiss off, slight, despite. count. case. affront
Other relevant words:
Assailment, displeasure, onset, discourtesy, affront, indignity, Peccancy, sin, attempt, case, huff, misdeed, Diablerie, misdemeanour, offensive activity, counterattack, miff, immorality, kiss off, malfeasance, insult, evildoing, hurt, despite, dudgeon, wrongdoing, ruffled feathers, onrush, slight, wrong, offence, offensive, contumely, deviltry, illegality, criminality, battery, anger.

Usage examples for offense

  1. But Ollie might take offense and turn against him, and make it as unpleasant as she had shown that she could make it agreeable. – The Bondboy by George W. (George Washington) Ogden
  2. Please take no offense I didn't recognize you before. – Caribbee by Thomas Hoover
  3. In just so far as they are genuine men and women, they resent such preaching as an insult, a mockery and an offense – Preaching and Paganism by Albert Parker Fitch