Usage examples for soreness

  1. What with the thirst, therefore, and the soreness of my bones, I kept fidgeting and wriggling about for several hours, without intermission. – The Boy Tar by Mayne Reid
  2. There was a certain sense of greatness for her in seeing so many of us so absurdly mistaken; and I recall that on various occasions, and in particular when she uttered the words just quoted, this high serenity, as a sign of the relief of her soreness if not of the effort of her conscience, did something quite visible to my eyes, and also quite unprecedented, for the beauty of her face. – The Beldonald Holbein by Henry James
  3. If I am mistaken, regret at my political blindness were surely more dignified than anger on the part of those with whom I differ; and if it shall chance that I am in the right, the best confirmation of the correctness of my views, in the opinion of indifferent persons, will perhaps be found in the soreness of those, who wince when the truth is spoken. – Domestic Manners of the Americans by Fanny Trollope