Synonyms for Plague:


sickness, illness, ailment, disorder, condition, complaint. bubonic plague, epidemic, chickenpox, avian flu, increase, aids, black lung, bilharzia, bird flu, amoebic dysentery, rash, outbreak, chlamydia, the Black Death. feelings, hold back, disadvantage, peeve, bother, irritation, let down, throttle, torment, Besetment, burden, aggravation, inhibit, bring up against, pain, irritant, count against, vexation, embarrass. colony, herd, gaggle, brace, flight, community, hive, drove, flock, bevy. fear, threat, hazard, risk, danger, stakes, peril, menace, gambling. annoyance, curse (noun)
torment, evil, Besetment, pain, blight, calamity, irritant, cancer, bane, aggravation, bother, vexation.
bane (noun)
cancer, misfortune, infection, evil, scourge, calamity, contagion, bane, doom, affliction, poison, curse, ill.
disease that is widespread (noun)
epidemic, infection, contagion, influenza, outbreak, scourge, pestilence, affliction, curse, infestation, rash.
epidemic (noun)
disease, influenza, pestilence, black death.
plague (noun)
infestation, harass, provoke, hassle, chevvy, chivvy, harry, chivy, blight, beset, chevy, pestilence.


annoy, disturb (verb)
harry, hassle, harass.

Other synonyms:

embarrass, count against, Besetment, bring up against, disadvantage. inhibit, irritant, epidemic. throttle, outbreak, aggravation, let down, hold back, annoy. torment, woe, burden. irritation, vexation. sickness
Other relevant words:
chlamydia, peril, pestilence, inhibit, harass, drove, hassle, danger, chevy, gaggle, illness, stakes, annoy, peeve, hive, chivy, bevy, frustrate, disadvantage, woe, disease, gambling, embarrass, Besetment, threat, herd, aids, harry, rash, epidemic, infestation, bubonic plague, outbreak, chickenpox, flight, brace, flock, colony, burden, provoke, chivvy, aggravation, pain, hazard, ailment, influenza, beset, irritate, blight, sickness, bilharzia, antagonize, vexation, anger, bother, risk, throttle, irritant, chevvy, disorder, black death, fear, feelings, infuriate, community, affliction, torment, condition, madden, menace, complaint, increase, irritation.

Usage examples for plague

  1. As it proved, he was only a great plague – The God of Love by Justin Huntly McCarthy
  2. No one would believe that such a foot could belong to the Black Plague – The Man-Wolf and Other Tales by Emile Erckmann and Alexandre Chatrian
  3. What do you here, you little plague – Night and Morning, Volume 3 by Edward Bulwer Lytton