Synonyms for Aberrant:


all (adjective)
deflected (adjective)
wandering, drifting, varied, Digressing, Shifted, divergent, Refracting, Deviated, Deflected.
different (adjective)
dissimilar (adjective)
distinct, unlike, dissimilar, different, contrary, divergent, nonuniform, inconsistent, heterogeneous, opposite, disparate, discordant, unalike.
divergent (adjective)
exceptional (adjective)
unique, un-ordinary, uncustomary.
irregular (adjective)
irregular, nonuniform, exceptional.
nonconforming (adjective)
incompatible, crazy, unusual, curious, uncommon, untypical, incongruous, eccentric, quirky, fey, mismatch, bizarre, different, exceptional, singular, oddity, freakish, oddball, nonconforming, off, novel, peculiar, anomalous, unfamiliar, improper, out of the ordinary, outlandish, deranged, unconventional, misfit, atypical, odd, uncustomary, inconsistent, irregular, idiosyncratic, strange, funny, deviant, extraordinary, un-ordinary, divergent, abnormal, unique, erratic, crosspatch.
not normal; varying from the usual (adjective)
deviant, atypical, bizarre, peculiar, unusual, abnormal, strange, odd, different.
wrong (adjective)
flawed, wrong, faulty, erroneous, bad, improper, incorrect, inaccurate, illegal, mistaken, false, fallacious, untrue.


offbeat, remarkable, special, surprising, notable, exotic. errant, correct. aberrant (noun)
deviant, peculiar, divergent, freakish, different, quirky, atypical, irregular, odd, incongruous, anomalous, eccentric.
deviant (noun)

Other synonyms:

Atypic, Anomalistic. preternatural. errant. unnatural. Other relevant words:
offbeat, Anomalistic, notable, errant, correct, Atypic, special, remarkable, preternatural, surprising, good, exotic, unnatural.