Synonyms for Unpleasant:


awful (adjective)
awful, alarming, terrible, horrendous, ghastly, hideous, frightful, repulsive, horrible, appalling, dreadful, dire, horrid.
bad (adjective)
detrimental, obnoxious, arrant, inferior, abhorrent, poor, disagreeable, icky, displeasing, inadvisable, unpalatable, irremediable, yucky, troublesome, unattractive, objectionable, undesirable, defective, nasty, wretched, wrong, vile, unhappy, unfavorable, invalid, unsound, Irksome, unsatisfactory, distasteful, ill-suited, baneful, inadequate, faulty, repulsive, bad, unlovely, black.
disagreeable (adjective)
distasteful, disgusting, unpalatable, obnoxious, objectionable, bothersome, offensive, disagreeable, repulsive, nasty.
offensive (adjective)
painful (adjective)
Gnawing, chafing, insufferable, trying, sore, cutting, tormenting, biting, anguishing, withering, Torturing., horrendous, burdensome, bitter, acute, unbearable, uncomfortable, oppressive, irritating, aggravating, grievous, excruciating, agonizing, stabbing, wrenching, disagreeable, bothersome, throbbing, crushing, distressful, Besetting, stinging, woeful, piercing, odious, inflaming, cruel, Cramping, hurtful, harrowing, offensive, aching, grueling, arduous, painful, severe, smarting, annoying, troublesome, miserable, Irksome.
severe (adjective)
ugly (adjective)
grotesque, homely, unaesthetic, odious, repellent, shapeless, repugnant, disagreeable, unpleasing, plain, hideous, Ill-looking, unattractive, unlovely, ugly, inelegant, repulsive, displeasing, abhorrent, unsightly, unappealing, disfigured, undesirable.


offensive (adverb)


bleak, hard, rude. unfriendly (noun)
antagonistic, aloof, stony, unfriendly, hostile, churlish, distant, cold, icy.
unpleasant (noun)
beastly, awful, bitter, acrid, rebarbative, repellent, tart, sharp-worded, repellant, virulent, god-awful, hellish, painful, mortifying, afflictive, sulphurous, nasty, forbidding, ungrateful, acerbic, acid, acerb, vitriolic, dreadful, hot, sore, sulfurous, offensive, unhappy, embarrassing, objectionable, blistering, venomous, dour, rough, sharp, grim, harsh, caustic, obnoxious, unlovely.

Other synonyms:

yucky. uncongenial, icky. unsympathetic, bleak. hard. Other relevant words:
bleak, sharp, rough, hard, acerb, churlish, hostile, caustic, hellish, rude, mortifying, acerbic, yucky, unsympathetic, sulfurous, hot, repellant, uncongenial, virulent, acrid, vitriolic, rebarbative, embarrassing, afflictive, venomous, sulphurous, grim, unhappy, forbidding, dour, beastly, ungrateful, antagonistic, god-awful, tart, acid, icky, harsh, blistering, sharp-worded, objectionable, unfriendly.

Usage examples for unpleasant

  1. " It was not unpleasant – Christian's Mistake by Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
  2. He would have been handsome, had it not been for his unpleasant expression, at once knowing and suspicious. – My Little Lady by Eleanor Frances Poynter
  3. Indeed I do not wish you to speak of anything which is unpleasant to you. – Papers from Overlook-House by Casper Almore