Synonyms for Lovely:


angelic (adjective)
attractive (adjective)
handsome, ravishing, pretty, bewitching, taking, fetching.
beautiful (adjective)
finished, exquisite, glamorous, becoming, superb, polished, bonny, attractive, beauteous, stunning, pleasing, good-looking, refined, elegant, handsome, beautiful, resplendent, fair, shapely, flowerlike, charming, pretty, eye-filling, radiant, dazzling, sightly, ornamental, sublime, picturesque, splendid, gorgeous, enchanting, quaint, belle, comely, graceful, pulchritudinous.
beautiful, charming; agreeable (adjective)
knockout, pleasing, enjoyable, splendid, good-looking, pretty, exquisite, fair, handsome, beauteous, captivating, nice, gorgeous, attractive, bewitching, adorable, pulchritudinous, enchanting, comely, delightful, stunning, graceful.


AAH, yippee, hooray, will wonders never cease?, excellent, GOTCHA, thank God/goodness/heaven(s). nice, pleasurable, delightful, restful, cheerful, enjoyable, relaxing. appealing, tempting, bewitching, prepossessing, taking, nice-looking, like, enticing, fascinating, captivating, fetching, beguiling, eye-catching. pulchritudinous, beauteous, caring, generous, Warm-hearted, warm, ravishing, tender, sensitive. enchantress, doll, a raving beauty, siren, beauty, knockout, goddess, stunner, beauty queen, looker, babe. for heaven's sake/sakes, brother, darn, for crying out loud, what's the big idea?, what's that supposed to mean?, for pity's sake, give me strength, give me a break. beauty (noun)
lovely (noun)
endearing, lovable, beautiful, pin up, adorable, cover girl, loveable.

Other synonyms:

hooray, GOTCHA, captivating, enchantress, eye-catching, beguiling, ravishing, looker, pulchritudinous, nice-looking, beauty queen, restful, AAH, enticing, pleasurable, enjoyable, relaxing. fetching, doll, taking, tempting, appealing, fascinating, prepossessing, goddess, stunner, nice. knockout, siren, babe. beauty. Other relevant words:
appealing, fetching, enchantress, GOTCHA, pin up, doll, nice-looking, fascinating, prepossessing, enjoyable, restful, beauty, bewitching, loveable, nice, taking, adorable, attractive, delightful, hooray, cover girl, tempting, endearing, enticing, pulchritudinous, knockout, pleasurable, beauteous, ravishing, stunner, AAH, lovable, babe, looker, warm, captivating.

Usage examples for lovely

  1. " Oh, how perfectly lovely – Further Foolishness by Stephen Leacock
  2. Ah, what lovely work! – Mildred's New Daughter by Martha Finley
  3. She's as brave as she's lovely I'll swear she is! – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith