Synonyms for Enrage:


frustrate, drive someone mad. make one hot under the collar, provoke, anger, feelings, madden, incense. enrage (noun)
annoy, incense, inflame, anger, exasperate, infuriate, vex, irk, needle, madden, provoke, irritate.
incense (noun)
anger, madden.


aggravate (verb)
harass, chafe, arouse, harry, grate, aggravate, annoy, torment, bedevil, exasperate, envenom, badger, hassle, exacerbate, rankle, nag, disturb, pester, peeve, fret, upset, antagonize, discompose, needle, infuriate, irritate, vex, bait, inflame, tease, perturb, irk, bother, trouble.
make very upset (verb)
incense, aggravate, anger, inflame, exasperate, irritate, needle, madden, provoke, infuriate.

Other synonyms:

anger, incense. provoke. craze
Other relevant words:
make one hot under the collar, provoke, anger, frustrate, madden, incense.

Usage examples for enrage

  1. However, I already knew sufficient of the Indian character to be aware that boldness would conciliate, rather than enrage them. – Adventures in the Philippine Islands by Paul P. de La Gironière