Synonyms for Inflammation:


candida, defense, fester, cross-contamination, defense mechanism, carrier, cross infection, contagion, biosecurity, antibody. soreness, help. aggravation (noun)
virulence, exacerbation, enragement, pique, disturbance, provocation, ire, scorn, discomposure, resentment, aggravation, vexation, inflaming, trouble, arousal, petulance, harassment, indignation, bedevilment, perturbation, exasperation, annoyance, bother.
disease (noun)
contagion, misery, ache.
excitement (noun)
turbulence, passion, effervescence, animation, fire, Ardency, fervency, anxiety, excitement, agitation, stimulation, furor, electrification, exhilaration, fervor, disquietude, energy, attentiveness, feverishness.
inflammation (noun)
fervor, firing, fervour, irritation, ignition, pain, infection, redness, rubor, sore, inflaming, excitation, excitement, kindling, lighting.
irritation (noun)
malady (noun)
pain (noun)
burn, ache, wrench, headache, earache, misery, anguish, infliction, suffering, discomfort, painfulness, wound, throe, sore, gripe, grief, malaise, spasm, injury, irritation, stab, throb, crick, bite, chafing, sting, pang, Back Ache, agony, bruise, torture, torment, distress, smarting, stitch, rack, Migraine, pain, affliction, hurt, cramp.
sensitivity (noun)
soreness (noun)
swelling, infection.
state (noun)
rubor, redness.
swelling (noun)
injury, bruise.

Other synonyms:

soreness. welt
Other relevant words:
aggravation, kindling, swelling, ignition, excitation, soreness, rubor, infection, inflaming, redness, fervour, firing, lighting.

Usage examples for inflammation

  1. It's a chronic inflammation – The World For Sale, Volume 2. by Gilbert Parker
  2. There was considerable inflammation of the throat and swelling of the face; the breath was very bad. – Hydriatic treatment of Scarlet Fever in its Different Forms by Charles Munde