Synonyms for Breathless:


all (adjective)
dyspnoeic, dyspneal, dyspneic, dyspnoeal.
astounded (adjective)
anxious, excited.
calm (adjective)
out of breath (adjective)
unable to respire normally (adjective)
spent, winded, asthmatic, exhausted, choking, short of breath, blown, wheezing, emphysematous, panting, gasping, short-winded, out of breath.


out of breath (adverb)
short of breath, dyspneic, short-winded.


eventful, exhilarating, windless, still, exotic, thrilling, enthralling, Breezeless, compelling, dramatic, airless, breath. warm, mild, red hot, scalding, scorching, boiling, tropical, balmy. indrawn, bronchial, chesty, deep, choke, labored, heavily, deeply, pulmonary. breathless (noun)
short-winded, choking, dyspnoeic, suffocating, panting, smothering, dyspneal, blown, inanimate, pulseless, exciting, dyspnoeal, pursy, dyspneic, out of breath, winded, dead, gasping, suffocative, breathtaking, asphyxiating.
out of breath (noun)
spent, tired, Broken-winded, wheezing, used-up, windless, puffing, short of breath, enthusiastic, exhausted, asthmatic, emphysematous.
panting (noun)

Other synonyms:

windless, dead, enthusiastic, pulmonary, bronchial, Breezeless, indrawn. heavily, deeply, labored, airless, chesty. still. deep. choke.

Usage examples for breathless

  1. Anne herself, sitting beside Morgan Wallifarro as they drove home, was rather breathless in her silence. – The Tempering by Charles Neville Buck
  2. Again I watched her, and listened to her; but now with eager curiosity, with breathless attention. – Basil by Wilkie Collins
  3. " It's-" Then in a breathless burst it came. – The Road to Understanding by Eleanor H. Porter