Synonyms for Bothersome:


aggravating (adjective)
infuriating, pestering, Enraging, Harassing, perturbing, grating, antagonizing, inflaming, Irksome, Bedeviling, annoying, troublesome, irritating, disturbing, exasperating, tormenting, vexing, exacerbating, aggravating, teasing, Rankling, upsetting.
difficult (adjective)
tough, thorny, rugged, troublesome, wearing, tight, wearisome, knotty, uphill, laborious, burdensome, oppressive, stressful, complicated, fussy, cumbersome, contrary, demanding, difficult, toilsome, adverse, painful, cantankerous, finicky, severe, grinding, arduous, tricky, onerous, wearying, hard, rough, trying, ticklish, complex, strenuous, harsh, formidable.
disagreeable (adjective)
nasty, disgusting, obnoxious, offensive, unpleasant, unpalatable, repulsive, distasteful, disagreeable.
galling (adjective)
galling, Harassing.
irritating (adjective)
painful (adjective)
cutting, wrenching, crushing, inflaming, bitter, disagreeable, grievous, arduous, aggravating, burdensome, anguishing, Gnawing, throbbing, grueling, acute, unpleasant, chafing, miserable, severe, sore, stabbing, biting, horrendous, aching, tormenting, painful, smarting, stinging, Irksome, piercing, annoying, odious, Torturing., harrowing, hurtful, unbearable, cruel, withering, insufferable, Besetting, uncomfortable, oppressive, agonizing, irritating, distressful, offensive, troublesome, Cramping, excruciating, trying, woeful.
troubling (adjective)
disturbing, aggravating, vexing, vexatious, exasperating, irritating, troublesome, annoying.
vexatious (adjective)
irritating, plaguy.


obscene, pathetic. pain, provoking. bothersome (noun)
irritating, vexatious, vexing, teasing, plaguey, annoying, pestiferous, plaguy, nettlesome, galling, pesky, pestering, disagreeable.

Other synonyms:

provoking. Other relevant words:
provoking, pestiferous, vexatious, plaguy, nettlesome, galling, pain, pesky, plaguey, obscene, pathetic.

Usage examples for bothersome

  1. In all my born days I've never seen such a bothersome child. – The Desired Woman by Will N. Harben
  2. The haphazard muscular reflexes of a five- year- old boy- the running violently to nowhere in particular, the jumping over nothing at all- is no longer, as our grandfathers held, an aimless and sometimes bothersome amusement. – Comrade Yetta by Albert Edwards