Synonyms for Corrosive:


all (adjective)
erosive, caustic, vitriolic.
consuming, wearing; bitter (adjective)
destructive, trenchant, incisive, erosive, virulent, venomous, biting, sarcastic, cutting, caustic.
destructive (adjective)
malevolent (adjective)
vindictive, mean, treacherous, catty, virulent, ill-natured, antagonistic, Black-hearted, sinister, nasty, sullen, malevolent, malicious, baleful, hurtful, rancorous, baneful, spiteful, bitter, perfidious, venomous, vicious, hateful, foul, malignant, hostile, evil, churlish, wicked.


chemical equation, catalytic, alkaline, active, chemical, anaerobic, aerobic, concentrated, alkaloid. scathing, sharp, problematic, mordacious, attack, trenchant, disruptive, bad, fraught, respect, difficult, contentious, truculent, pungent, embarrassing, adverse, stinging, cutting, acidic, troublesome, biting, astringent, invidious, slashing. corrosive (noun)
destructive, erosive, vitriolic, caustic.
sarcastic (noun)
incisive, biting, sarcastic.

Other synonyms:

alkaloid, chemical equation, alkaline, mordacious, astringent, catalytic, acidic, aerobic, concentrated, anaerobic, stinging. cutting, scathing, slashing, chemical. biting, pungent. trenchant, truculent. active. sharp. scornful
Other relevant words:
alkaloid, sharp, slashing, truculent, attack, bad, embarrassing, concentrated, biting, vitriolic, adverse, mordacious, acidic, trenchant, respect, alkaline, sarcastic, aerobic, pungent, catalytic, scathing, destructive, problematic, troublesome, active, contentious, invidious, chemical, caustic, incisive, difficult, anaerobic, cutting, astringent, erosive, fraught, disruptive, stinging.

Usage examples for corrosive

  1. And that state of oneness between them shall be subject hereafter to " the corrosive action of various unfriendly agents." – The Book of Khalid by Ameen Rihani
  2. In the woody parts, boars frequently harboured; in the midst of the plain, within the crater, was a narrow passage, through which, by a winding path, you could descend about a mile amongst rocks and stones, till you came to another more spacious plain covered with ashes: in this plain were three little pools, placed in a triangular form, one towards the East, of hot water, corrosive and bitter beyond measure; another towards the West, of water salter than that of the sea; the third of hot water, that had no particular taste. – Observations on Mount Vesuvius, Mount Etna, and Other Volcanos by William Hamilton