Synonyms for Madly:


wildly, fiercely (adjective)
dementedly, hysterically, hastily, violently, crazily, deliriously, insanely, like mad, psychotically, rashly, irrationally.


amuck (adverb)
crazily (adverb)
psychotically, neurotically, nuttily, fiendishly, crazily.
insanely (adverb)
hysterically, feverishly, insanely, dementedly, irrationally, maniacally, deliriously.


crazily (adverb)
psychotically, neurotically, nuttily, fiendishly, crazily.
enthusiastically (adverb)
excitedly (adverb)
feverishly, hysterically.
insanely (adverb)
dementedly, crazily, deliriously, neurotically, insanely, irrationally, hysterically, psychotically, feverishly, maniacally, violently, nuttily.


very, indeed, immensely, deeply, thoroughly, well, a lot, particularly, greatly, really. hastily, violently, like mad, wildly, with abandon, rashly, from pillar to post, if/when/as the spirit moves you. madly (noun)
deadly, deucedly, crazily, devilishly, dementedly, insanely.
mentally ill (noun)
mad, depressed, demented, certifiable, insane, diminished responsibility, bipolar, deranged, confused, hysterical.

Other synonyms:

violently. Other relevant words:
deeply, crazily, deadly, mad, devilishly, hastily, deucedly, wildly, demented, like mad, violently, rashly.

Usage examples for madly

  1. The next instant he kicked against an obstruction, staggered, fought madly to recover himself, tripped a second time, and with a yell of rage fell headlong. – The Keeper of the Door by Ethel M. Dell
  2. There is often a mob shouting madly but nothing disturbs my grandfather when he is absorbed in his work; and his pupil- a young student from Amphissa- loves him and does what I bid him. – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  3. I really ought to hate you and instead I love you madly and I'm miserable if I don't see you every day. – Anne Of The Island by Lucy Maud Montgomery