Synonyms for Earthy:


all (adjective)
vulgar, crude, gross.
animal (adjective)
sensual, brutish.
earthy (adjective)
secular, base, temporal, physical, earthly, material, carnal, mundane, worldly.
inelegant (adjective)
gross, crude, brutish, gawky, awkward, vulgar, raw, barbarous, graceless, boorish, inelegant, coarse, unrefined, tasteless, uncivil, tactless, rude, undignified, unpolished, tawdry, clumsy.
unsophisticated (adjective)
indelicate, crude, down-to-earth, coarse, lusty, uninhibited, natural, robust, bawdy, mundane, unrefined, ribald, rough.
vulgar (adjective)
indelicate, gaudy, garish, profane, coarse-grained, boorish, philistine, degraded, homespun, unrefined, brazen, barnyard, glaring, revolting, raw, broad, animal, obscene, ignoble, sordid, graceless, clumsy, ignominious, crass, common, barbaric, low, ill-bred, undignified, tawdry, shameless, unseemly, repulsive, rank, vulgar, base, outlandish, rude, brutish, inelegant, unbecoming, idiomatic, in bad taste, gross, tactless, scandalous, coarse, salty, offensive, sleazy, unpolished, rough, tasteless, cockney, cheap, colloquial, depraved, crude, chintzy.


fruity, flowery, Minty, garlicky, terrestrial, floral, peachy, matter, fishy, musky, earthen, smoky. earthbound, body, tellurian, place, culture, telluric. earthy (noun)
natural, vulgar, realistic, indecent, crude, down-to-earth, coarse, gross, uninhibited.
unrefined (noun)
hearty, bawdy, robust, ribald, lusty.

Other synonyms:

musky, earthbound, telluric, tellurian, earthlike, terrene. floral, earthen, terrestrial, provocative, off-color. racy, scabrous. blue, spicy. carnal
Other relevant words:
indecent, robust, earthlike, provocative, bawdy, blue, sandy, earthbound, natural, tellurian, dusty, floral, lusty, sensual, terrene, realistic, uninhibited, down-to-earth, telluric, terrestrial, suggestive, scabrous, racy, spicy, earthen, off-color, ribald.

Usage examples for earthy

  1. The action of rain on the earthy bosom of The Desert is very much like that of the action of the sea on its shores, which has led to the remark, that The Sahara looks as if it been " washed over" by the ocean. – Travels in the Great Desert of Sahara, in the Years of 1845 and 1846 by James Richardson
  2. There was something outlandish, too, about the soft slouch hat and the cut of the clothes, of a slaty grey that showed up clearly amidst the earthy and green colours all around. – Secret Bread by F. Tennyson Jesse
  3. However, it had the effect of bringing her nearer to my own earthy level, of putting me at ease with her; and for the few remaining minutes we talked freely, I indifferent whether my manners and conversation were correct. – The Deluge by David Graham Phillips